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Ciro Gomes proposes union of all candidates against Bolsonaro’s coup attempt

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Center-left candidate denounced maneuvers involving “information warfare, counter-information, manipulation and espionage”

Live on his channel this Tuesday night (10), the pre-candidate of the center-left Democratic Labor Party (PDT), Ciro Gomes said that he sees clear indications that there is an anti-democratic coup being prepared by Jair Bolsonaro. (PL) and his allies and that all candidates, from different parties, must unite to denounce it.

— There are clear indications that a coup against democracy is underway, targeting the next elections. Either society and political leaders should take action now, or we will reach a point of no return – said Mr. Gomes.

According to the candidate, “very sophisticated” maneuvers are underway, involving “information warfare, counter-information, manipulation and espionage.”

— It is necessary that all candidates, from all parties, immediately get together to publicly denounce this to Brazil and the world. I make this call and hope to be heard by all the other candidates – said the center-left politician.

The Army’s recent questioning to the TSE, Brazilian Supreme Electoral Court, regarding the security of electronic voting machines, has motivated expressions of concern about the possibility of the Armed Forces joining Bolsonaro’s coup speech.

Ciro Gomes’ speech (in Portuguese):

About Ciro Gomes

Ciro Ferreira Gomes was born in 1957, in Pindamonhangaba (SP), is a lawyer, university professor and Brazilian politician, affiliated with the Democratic Labor Party (PDT), of which he is vice president. He held high political positions in the country: he was state deputy for two legislatures in Ceará, mayor of Fortaleza, the governor of the state of Ceará, minister of Finance of the Government Itamar Franco during the implementation of the Real Plan and minister of National Integration during the government of Luis Inacio Lula da Silva. His last political term was that of federal deputy between 2007 and 2011. He was a candidate for president in 1998, 2002 and 2018. He is a pre-candidate for president in the 2022 elections.

About Todos com Ciro (Everyone with Ciro)

The #TodosComCiro Platform was born in 2016, and is composed of a group of people distributed throughout the Brazilian territory. We are citizens – students, professors, professionals, entrepreneurs, workers and activists – and we aim to engage and mobilize people around a project for the development of Brazil. Together, we have been building, for almost 6 years, a network of mobilizers in all corners of the country.

Our project is linked to labor and the PDT. However, we are not and have never been a pre-campaign or campaign initiative. Quite the opposite. Our main objective is to strengthen the ideas of sustainable and sovereign national development. This is a project that is increasingly necessary for the country and has been defended by Ciro Gomes since the 90s. That’s why we are TodosComCiro.