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As a MOBILIZER of the #TodosComCiro Platform, an independent and virtual platform for political engagement and mobilization, I will participate under the following terms and conditions:


1)   I am aware that, once breached, these terms will automatically terminate from the date of breach.

2)   I declare to be aware that the Platform has the exclusive objective of engaging in discussions about a National Development Plan for Brazil, without the direct or indirect accomplishment of any electoral or pre-electoral activity for any candidates or parties.

3)   By virtue of the previous item, I undertake not to carry out any activities prohibited by the   Law 9.504 / 97 .

4)   I declare to be aware that my participation is voluntary, since it is citizen activism, and may be discontinued at any time, therefore, it does not generate a contractual bond of service rendering, nor of self-employment or employment under any form .

5)   The statements made by me, privately or publicly, only express my particular opinion. Statements made on behalf of the #Computer Platform are restricted to internal team members or to persons authorized by them, with prior written authorization.

6)   As a MOBILIZER, I am aware that my main contributions to the #TodosComCiro Platform will be: the organization of events for political discussions (round tables, lectures, stakeholder meetings, videoconferences etc.), the dissemination of events and contents of the Platform through the internet or by other means of communication, the generation of materials for the Platform (textual content, audiovisuals, multimedia, source codes and any others) and the presentation of the Platform to potential stakeholders.

7)   The moral and patrimonial copyrights arising from the intellectual works of any nature with which I already have or will contribute to the Platform are herein previously assigned and transferred fully and definitively to the Platform, on an irreversible and irrevocable basis, free of charge. which can modify and use them freely, without the need to grant credit of authorship. The works produced by the Platform will be collective with the use of the assigned work, being the ownership, in accordance with the provisions of article 5, item VIII, letter 'h'   Law # 2 / 98 . The use of this material will be of the Platform and in activities related to it, and its commercialization in other media is not appropriate.

8)   All acts carried out as a platform mobilizer will be guided by respect for others, without the use of low slang words or offensive terms. I also undertake not to manifest any form of ethnic, ideological or gender discrimination.

9)   This term is valid for an indefinite period, and either party may terminate it at any time, without any encumbrance and regardless of previous communication.


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