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Ciro Gomes and the Role of the Lava-Jet in Combating Corruption in Brazil

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Lava-jet and its impact in Brazil

Operation Lava Jato can provide an important and historic service to Brazil, which is chronically suffering from the impunity of the holders of political and economic power. The investigations once again demonstrated promiscuity in campaign donations and over-billing, and opened up the structure of a country controlled by plutocracy money. However, from the outset, the operation should have extended its investigations to the financial system, following the information of some of the informers, being careful to respect the constitution and the individual rights, besides preserving the companies involved, their productions and jobs , punishing preferably the individuals responsible for corruption.

Lava Jet is a broad operation with ups and downs

Lava Jato, contrary to the impression of part of the population, is not restricted to the section of Curitiba. Justice must be stern, serene and impartial, and young members of the judiciary should avoid the media spotlight, under penalty of compromise and suspicion of their work. Careless and poorly reasoned reports can put the whole operation at risk, leading to errors or even arbitrariness that should serve to annul the convictions when the cases are tried in other instances.

Judiciary should not leave for political dispute

Some judges and prosecutors who started the operation compromised their roles by entering the political dispute and yielding to the media spotlight. For example, the effusive treatment given by Sérgio Moro in public to some accused was unreasonable. Posing not as judges, but as part of a dispute with former President Lula, members of the operation stepped from their roles as investigators and magistrates. Several flaws and irregularities have been committed, such as blatant and ill-informed denunciations, illegal clipping against lawyers and even against the President of the Republic, illegal disclosure of personal conversations and, finally, an attack on press freedom: a journalist who leaked information about Lava Jato to force him to reveal his sources. Actions like this have shaken foundations and seminal principles of the Democratic State of Law and deserve repudiation.

The media exploits the Lava Jet in a partial and asymmetrical way

Part of the media has made a very partial coverage of the operation, while its role should be to provide sufficient explanations to understand the national moment. At first, Lava-Jato turned its focus to politicians linked to the PT government. The treatment offered to Lula was totally disproportionate, which generated a sensation of bias in the operation. Under similar circumstances, politicians linked to the PT government and the then opposition received different treatment. However, what the operation revealed was the systemic, and not restricted to a political group, character of national corruption.

Ciro's opinion on Lava Jato and the fight against corruption

Ciro is one of the few active Brazilian politicians who has not even been the subject of an accusation in this operation that reaches part of the last twenty years of national political life. In addition, he never even responded to a corruption inquiry, having been a state, federal, mayor, governor and minister twice. Ciro argues that corruption must be fought unceasingly, especially because of its moral impact on the daily work of the honest worker, who feels humiliated in his honesty by bandits who kidnap public power. However, it must be acknowledged that the impact of corruption on the national budget is extremely limited, contrary to what the press does in the eyes of the public, even though public investment amounted to 2017 measly 1,4% of GDP. He often reminds us that the economic destruction of the country is not caused by these ethical deviations but by the depletion of our resources in the interest of the debt.

About the jet-plane Ciro reminds us that the prize-giving is a precarious institute, and defined in law as such. The donation, alone, proves nothing precisely because it is a) made by someone who is confessing a crime and b) rewarded with the reduction of sentence, and can be used as a weapon against political enemies. That is why the law provides that, without the production of evidence, the delation can not even be used, nor to reduce the penalty of the offender. Detentions do not condemn and only the witch-hunting environment in which we live causes them to gain absolute truth. Furthermore, the practice of temporary prisons for an indefinite period of time to force a commitment compromises the acceptance of some of the allegations, just as an investigation that creates legal uncertainty compromises the performance of the companies involved. The investigations should "convict CPFs not CNPJs".


Policy of Ciro Gomes

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At 0 years old. And re-elected on 1986.


Governor of Ceará

Won UN award for reducing child mortality.



Mayor of Fortaleza

And was considered best mayor of Brazil.


Minister of Finance of Itamar Franco

Helped in the Real Plan. One of the lowest inflation in history.

The first candidacy for the Presidency

Number of Votes: 7.426.190 - 10,97


Minister of National Integration of Lula

Responsible for the transposition of the São Francisco River.


Secretary of Health of Ceará

He was then Director of Transnordestina S / A.


The second candidacy for the Presidency

Number of Votes: 10.170.882 - 11,97


Deputy Federal Ceará

With the highest proportional votes in the history of Brazil.



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