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Ciro Gomes and the Impeachment of Dilma Roussef

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Brazilian legislation provides that the   impeachment   of a president can occur, when substantiated and when proven the intent of the ruler in so-called "crimes of responsibility." So that there is no doubt and to give the government a wide right of defense in accusations like this, the process of   impeachment   is long and goes through several stages. In order to assert the system of checks and balances between the 3 powers, the process of   impeachment   can only be carried forward with approvals in votes of the special committees and plenary of the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate. Thus, judging the merits of the prosecution and denunciation is the responsibility of the congressmen, be they supporters or opponents of the government in question.

Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff: blow or not?

The process of   impeachment   of Dilma Rousseff was based on a complaint of a "crime of fiscal responsibility", alleging responsibility of the president / president in the practice of "fiscal pedals". However, the term "fiscal pedals" (created at the time of the process) was used in reference to budget execution operations of the federal government, made through the national treasury, public banks and the technical staff in charge of these institutions.

At the time of the   impeachment , there was great divergence in the legal field regarding the charge of "crime of fiscal responsibility" to be included in the scope of "crimes of responsibility". In addition, the fact that budget operations "fiscal pedals" are also carried out with the work of the technical bodies of the other institutions caused a divergence, since it would be necessary to prove the presidential intention (intention to harm) in this accusation, which is difficult, view the opinions of technicians who approved the operations of the federal government.

Weird process politics and motivations

In addition to the atypies detected in the previous paragraph, understanding the role of the "presidential successor" is of paramount importance for the analysis of this event in Brazilian history. The role of the Vice-President is assumed, at least in the non-electoral period, not to campaign politically in case of   impeachment . One of the strangest aspects of the case against former President Dilma Rousseff is the role of Michel Temer as the political articulator of his deposition.

In addition, the mayor who approved the opening of the process, currently under arrest for corruption crimes, prepares an award ceremony in which he lists members who had their votes bought to vote for the approval of the process. After all, the "political" character of the process largely prevailed over the "legal" character.

For the   impeachment   of Dilma Rousseff, the defeated ones were united in the elections of 2014, a "union of the politicians" that wanted the end of Operation Lava-Jet (that reaches parties from A to Z) and the Brazilians of legitimate dissatisfaction with the government Dilma . The union of these three fronts allowed the creation of an atmosphere in which the Dilma government began to seem unsustainable, even though this is not at any point in the Constitution a reason for the deposition of a president. The invention of a crime of responsibility for which to incriminate the president was part of such construction, and the fragility of the accusatory piece should not allow to advance such a procedure.

"Blow" is the right word?

With the approval of the   impeachment , the congressmen used a constitutional device that in fact conferred to them (politicians) a judgment. There is no need for a purely technical   impeachment , followed by the same fiscal rallies that, in the Dilma government, were judged undue by congressmen, in 2016 were accepted by the federal senate, when the house relaxed the practice of this type of fiscal operation also made by President Michel Temer.

Therefore, there was the combination of a weak accusatory piece and a strong political articulation, made by congressmen and members of the government, for the approval of the   impeachment . For example, the diuturnal work of the mass media in favor of the deposition of the then government is added. This context makes the term "coup" de facto   impeachment   of the president Dilma Rousseff, since the major forces in the process were not of a legal or juridical nature (as mandated by the Constitution of 88 and our presidential system), but of a political nature.


Policy of Ciro Gomes

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At 0 years old. And re-elected on 1986.


Governor of Ceará

Won UN award for reducing child mortality.



Mayor of Fortaleza

And was considered best mayor of Brazil.


Minister of Finance of Itamar Franco

Helped in the Real Plan. One of the lowest inflation in history.

The first candidacy for the Presidency

Number of Votes: 7.426.190 - 10,97


Minister of National Integration of Lula

Responsible for the transposition of the São Francisco River.


Secretary of Health of Ceará

He was then Director of Transnordestina S / A.


The second candidacy for the Presidency

Number of Votes: 10.170.882 - 11,97


Deputy Federal Ceará

With the highest proportional votes in the history of Brazil.



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