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Ciro Gomes and the Brazilian Foreign Policy

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Development project and geopolitics

In order to decide its destiny, a country needs to position itself adequately before all nations. You have to keep in mind that every context has its contradictions. And every contradiction brings possibilities. The dimensions of the Brazilian territory and economy and the history of its foreign policy, based on the search for a peaceful solution to conflicts and respect for the sovereignty of the countries, are factors that give Brazil privileged conditions in the construction of partnerships that open space in international relations, with the aim of boosting their nation project. For this, it is necessary to establish a nation project.

Latin America and the Caribbean

The Latin American and Caribbean integration, foreseen in the Brazilian Constitution, is an imperative for the countries of this region, not only because of their geographical proximity. European colonial exploitation and the consolidation of a "non-Latin America", with the end of the American War of Secession, imposed on our region a unity that was only strengthened by the international division of postwar work.

For this reason, local elites, established and supported by dependency management, always look with suspicion when they do not openly fight any movement towards Latin American and Caribbean union. Even countries that have taken advantage of the dynamics of the world economy, without breaking with the condition of dependence, achieving some degree of industrialization and development, now regress to the condition of suppliers of raw material, labor and products of lower added value. In a "world of giants" in conflict with each other and hostile to the emergence of new power centers, a national development project for Brazil can not do without integration with the Caribbean and Latin American countries by the convergence of interests and the possibility of aid mutual


The BRICS - an acronym formed by the initials of the names of five countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - is a grouping of nations that would have a relevant role in establishing a new international multipolar order . Despite the great differences between its members and the relatively fragile linkage between the countries of the group, Brazil could benefit from the construction of this bloc, which proposes to create new political, legal, commercial dynamics, technological transfers and sources of financing not directly subordinated to the international order established in the postwar period. In this sense, it was founded in Fortaleza, Ceará, in 2014, the Bank of BRICS - the first multilateral financing agency alternative to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank.

Ciro Gomes and the Brazilian Foreign Policy

Ciro Gomes has insisted on the need for Brazil to seek in international relations ways of breaking with funding and technology transfer interdictions, and opening up more diversified markets for products in which the country has a more immediate role. Actions like this could sustain a process of reindustrialization of the country, focusing on strategic areas defined in a national development project. As Minister of Finance of the Itamar Franco government, Ciro helped consolidate Mercosur. Critic of the former FTAA - the US proposal to establish a Free Trade Area in the Americas led by them - Ciro sees in BRICS opportunities for Brazil to establish itself in a new multipolar international order, but always stressing that it does not want to change US imperialism by the imperialism of no other country.


Policy of Ciro Gomes

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At 0 years old. And re-elected on 1986.


Governor of Ceará

Won UN award for reducing child mortality.



Mayor of Fortaleza

And was considered best mayor of Brazil.


Minister of Finance of Itamar Franco

Helped in the Real Plan. One of the lowest inflation in history.

The first candidacy for the Presidency

Number of Votes: 7.426.190 - 10,97


Minister of National Integration of Lula

Responsible for the transposition of the São Francisco River.


Secretary of Health of Ceará

He was then Director of Transnordestina S / A.


The second candidacy for the Presidency

Number of Votes: 10.170.882 - 11,97


Deputy Federal Ceará

With the highest proportional votes in the history of Brazil.



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