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Ciro Gomes, Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses in Brazil

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The new development and entrepreneurship project

The effort to build a new national development project must necessarily lead to the strengthening of a new class of entrepreneurs that democratize capital in Brazil. By not prioritizing investments in large corporations, giving access to the middle and small, the country can finally incorporate to the economy all this creative and working energy that is now being wasted in the country.

The situation of the microentrepreneur today

The old Brazilian entrepreneurs got addicted to the decades of rentismo. It is necessary to close this process, which drains the productive investment and deconstructs the ties of some entrepreneurs with the country, who emigrate, take their companies to other countries and stop recognizing themselves as Brazilian citizens.

At the same time, Brazil is witnessing a new phenomenon: that of the emerging middle class of the popular classes, who has overcome the precariousness of years 90 and now has its own micro or small entrepreneurs working shoulder to shoulder with employees in their small shops , services or workshops. These new entrepreneurs have often risen at the expense of a real personal effort, not counting on professional training at a higher level, but mobilizing their own dispositions to manage their costs and gains, since the State does not contemplate them with opportunities of financing, orientation and specialized training.

A type of microentrepreneur has therefore been created who despises the State for not seeing the role it can play in order to improve its life or its business, nor to understand that it is actually appropriated by the big corporations.

Vocations for innovation are being lost

Parallel to these new small entrepreneurs, we have a whole generation in technical schools and universities full of ideas and impulses to undertake, but without the means to create a business. Despite the blame for taxes and bureaucracy, this innovative energy is actually wasted by the lack of funding conditions. Interest in Brazil is much higher than the average profitability of the business, encouraging young people not to borrow to start a business. In addition, the presence of venture capital, unsecured venture capital that is associated with innovative ideas, does not exist in Brazil.

Encourage and diversify funding

Brazil needs to invest in a new generation of entrepreneurs from below. We have to democratize the formation of capital and help counterbalance the interests of large corporations and the old Brazilian business class that has become addicted to rentiers. In the case of the new microentrepreneurs and young innovators, the way to take advantage of these vocations is to lower the interest rate and restore the national credit. Since there is no private tradition in Brazil in this sense, we have to use the state to foster "venture capital" mechanisms, which were responsible for founding companies such as Apple and Microsoft in the USA, for example.

In this type of financing, the young person or any entrepreneur with an innovative idea would submit a request to a committee constituted by members of civil society, which in turn would assess the State's granting of this venture capital. The rate of return of successful initiatives would form a fund that would replicate the system, rather than burdening the public coffers. In addition, some of these initiatives could already be guaranteed, at the outset, by business incubators and government procurement.

Cyrus and microenterprise

Ciro Gomes is the only politician who expresses an understanding of the importance of this new entrepreneurial and emerging class as the seed of a new development opportunity in Brazil. In addition, it clearly identifies interest and credit shortages as the biggest obstacle to the emergence of new businesses in the country. It is worth checking the position of Cyrus in the attached video.


Policy of Ciro Gomes

Imagem Divisor de conteúdo de 3 estrelas
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At 0 years old. And re-elected on 1986.


Governor of Ceará

Won UN award for reducing child mortality.



Mayor of Fortaleza

And was considered best mayor of Brazil.


Minister of Finance of Itamar Franco

Helped in the Real Plan. One of the lowest inflation in history.

The first candidacy for the Presidency

Number of Votes: 7.426.190 - 10,97


Minister of National Integration of Lula

Responsible for the transposition of the São Francisco River.


Secretary of Health of Ceará

He was then Director of Transnordestina S / A.


The second candidacy for the Presidency

Number of Votes: 10.170.882 - 11,97


Deputy Federal Ceará

With the highest proportional votes in the history of Brazil.



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