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Ciro Gomes and the importance of Dialogue in Brazilian Politics

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The political debate in Brazil

In recent years Brazil has faced a worsening of political polarization. The greatest consequence of this is the imposition of a great obstacle to the debate, which is reduced to symbols, adjectives and narratives. More prominently, between the political discourse and the Brazilian reality, a gigantic space occupied by marketing and diffuse, if not false, moralism came into existence, or "came back to exist." The practical consequence of this we have lived every day: the reduction of Brazilians to "coxinhas" and "mortadelas". Brazil is bigger than this, and it must seek in the political correctness the perfection and, in the errors, the correction, beyond the image of those who have implemented one project or another.

No more superficial policy

If debates are haunted by the imposition of symbols and adjectives, there is an illusion that form is worth more than content. Thus, we witness absurdities carried out by civil society, which allows us to reduce the narrative that the Cold War imposed on us. The development of a nation necessarily passes through broader policies. The paths of development can not be narrowed by blind and deaf ideological visions. In Getulio Vargas's trilogy of life, written by Lira Neto, it is evident how one of Brazil's greatest presidents had a political career that fled from these limits, and extended opportunities with several political actors in Brazilian society, being, therefore, an example of political leadership that succeeded in escaping the dichotomies of his time.

The way out is dialogue with the people we disagree with

The disarming of the polarizing bomb that is armed to explode in the elections of 2018 becomes the task of every Brazilian engaged with the improvement of Brazil and its way of doing politics. This will come with the overcoming of symbolism, labels, images and adjectives that no longer maintain a clear relationship with ideals and ideas.

The path goes through mental independence and emancipation, which are impossible to achieve fully, but perfectly worthy of being sought by what human rationality disposes. If a project does good or bad for a country, it is necessary to explore the reasons for the notion of doing it or not, and to relate this information to the rest of the information that compose the reality of the Brazilian institutionality.

This is a very difficult task in Brazil, since those who hold the media oligopoly (which informs a large part of the population) act in their own right. But democracy is not easy, especially in an unequal country. We must seek a new way of thinking Brazil that is the result of the national mentality, which celebrates the Brazilian imagination and thought. There is no way out without dialogue and without democracy.


Policy of Ciro Gomes

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At 0 years old. And re-elected on 1986.


Governor of Ceará

Won UN award for reducing child mortality.



Mayor of Fortaleza

And was considered best mayor of Brazil.


Minister of Finance of Itamar Franco

Helped in the Real Plan. One of the lowest inflation in history.

The first candidacy for the Presidency

Number of Votes: 7.426.190 - 10,97


Minister of National Integration of Lula

Responsible for the transposition of the São Francisco River.


Secretary of Health of Ceará

He was then Director of Transnordestina S / A.


The second candidacy for the Presidency

Number of Votes: 10.170.882 - 11,97


Deputy Federal Ceará

With the highest proportional votes in the history of Brazil.



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