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What is PND?

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Work plan that establishes objectives, deadlines, methods of supervision, coordination, evaluation and control. A national project presupposes a country vision, based on a realistic diagnosis about the history and current situation of Brazil, and on a proposal of where we want to reach, what Brazil we want and can be. For that, it is necessary to reflect in the short, medium and long term. This project must be the result of a profound democratic debate, sedimenting an alliance between the workers, the entrepreneurs and the Brazilian academy.


In the globalized economy, conditions of entrepreneurship and financing remain dramatically national and unequal. Interest in Brazil is much higher than in the rest of the world; the Brazilian exchange rate is unfavorable to industrial production; and the infrastructure - lacking investments by the public debt gallop due to high interest rates - is not competitive internationally. A national policy in this context does not imply indiscriminate protectionism that favors non-competitive national sectors simply because they are national. But within a project, it requires taking into account the new forms of production and the speed of technological cycles of the present day.

The National State must induce the strategic sectors, stimulate the fields in which Brazil has a natural role, formulate favorable tariff and exchange policies, invest in science and technology. In short, it should coordinate our national project, as it does in all advanced countries.


Economic growth is not enough to overcome underdevelopment and dependence. It is necessary to break with the condition of underdeveloped and dependent and to return Brazil in the international division of labor through technological, productive and, above all, human development. There is no developed country where people live badly.

A national development project , in a country with the levels of inequality in Brazil, must have as an obsession to create the conditions for the promotion of social justice, to repair the country's historical debts with the people themselves, generating less unequal opportunities, while at the same time dynamizing this giant internal market that can make sustainable the cycle of development that we deserve, and will, have in our country.


Positions by Ciro Gomes

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