Podcast Mass Talk 6 º Episode - 26/05/2018

Darcy Ribeiro, Truckers' Strike and the National Oil Question.

Presentation: Gabriel Valentim
Participation: Caio Barros, Germano Neto and Tattoo no Toco.

In the sixth weekly episode of the Podcast that deals with politics with capital P, under Darcy Ribeiro's motivational manifesto, commentators discuss the truckers' stalemate, the national oil question, and other strategic riches until they reach the infrastructure plans that are financed with taxes such as CIDE - target of the strike. In this edition, we have the most special presence of the creator of the Tattoo in the Toco channel, Dillermando, giving his word about his work and National Developmentalism.

References cited during the program:
- Drault Ernannys

- The Highway Interstate Act and the Highway Trust Fund:

- On here

- On here

- Creation of CIDE


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