Podcast Mass Talk 4 º Episode - 10/05/2018

In today's episode of Brazil's most beloved podcast, the environment surrounding the movement of Joaquim Barbosa was discussed, and he gave up running for President of Brazil on 2018. Throughout the program, the favorable inclination towards a unity of the left was demonstrated by important cadres of PCdoB in relation to the candidacy of Ciro Gomes, as well as the importance of the PSB in this electoral corridor and the rumors giving account of a movement of the center in favor gives the candidacy of the former Minister.

Indulge in the most unpretentious analysts in the country and come to be a part of it too.

Presentation: Gabriel Valentim
Participation and comments: Murylo Galvão , Caio Barros and Diego Ferreira .

Suggest guidelines and participate with us in this mobilization. #VemPraMassa

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