Podcast Mass Talk 3 º Episode - 04/05/2018

Today's Papo da Massa includes among its guidelines the launch of the official site of the campaign of Ciro and the Vigie Aqui mobile app - idealized by the well-known site ReclameAqui.com.br.

Also discussed was the participation of Ciro in AgriShow, the national agribusiness fair - annually held in Ribeirão Preto - and the importance of agriculture for national development.

At the end of the program, the statements of PT leaders regarding an unlikely alliance between the party and Ciro for this year's election were discussed and commented on.

Links of materials cited in the program:
- Official site of the Ciro campaign

- Application Vigie Here download

- Agrishow

- Gleisi (PT) x Ciro

Presentation: Gabriel Valentim
Participation and comments: Murylo Galvão and Caio Barros .

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