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Nothing stronger than an idea that came in time.

//Victor Hugo

The TodosComCiro Platform came about through the union of pages and groups already mobilized around a National Project for Brazil. The vast majority of these groups have been defending ideas like those of Ciro Gomes in a diffuse form since 2015.

Currently, the TodoComCiro Ciro Platform has also become a space where many of these groups exchange experiences and debate new projects. This allows the actions developed to have more impact, permeability and visibility throughout the country.

If you have a group or initiative that is aligned with Platform values, please contact us.

Facebook Profile Picture Ciro Atomic

Cyber ​​Atomic

The Ciro Atomic Page believes that for the great issues and contradictions of our country, such as auditing the public debt, taxing large fortunes, and repealing criminal privatizations and labor reforms, only Ciro has the experience, honesty and courage.

Facebook Profile Picture Cirão Brasiliense

Ciao Brasiliense

Unofficial page in support of Ciro Gomes' pre-candidacy to Planalto Palace on 2018. Like every good calango of the cerrado, the page wants to combat any drought and inclement weather that may appear to ensure that our pre-candidate climbs the most beautiful ramp in the country, with the beautiful Lake Paranoá as a backdrop. Videos, memes, national and international news about geopolitics for you to get rid of reliable information! Do not fall for fake news! #VemPraMassa

Photo of Facebook Profile Cirão Carioca


Page created by some of the organizers of the Ciro Gomes Lecture at UERJ that seeks to take the Ciro project to the people of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro and Brazil in a humorous way, clarifying important points of the country.

Facebook Profile Picture Ciro Gomes Gaudério

Ciro Gomes Gaudério

Support page for the Ciro Gomes Politician, made by gauchos who want a better Brazil.

Facebook Profile Picture Ciro Gomes Mineiro

Ciro Gomes Miner

The page Ciro Gomes Mineiro supports Ciro for the presidency of the republic. What we need is a great conjunction of forces, an attitude that calls our minds together and thinks of a profound transformation of our society.

Foto da Logo do Parceiro Ciro Gomes Vem aí

Ciro Gomes Vem aí

Para os parceiros – A “Ciro Gomes vem aí” é mais do que uma página. Trata-se de um movimento, então impulsionado pela Organização A Marighella, pelo projeto nacional e popular. O objetivo é colaborar na disputa do campo mais à esquerda do eleitorado brasileiro.

Facebook Profile Picture Ciro Gomes Zueiro

Ciro Gomes Zueiro

Supporting profile of Ciro Gomes.

Facebook Profile Picture

Sour cherries

Cirão da Massa is the unlimited representation of Ciro Gomes on the internet. There is no bad time for the fictitious Ceará to take their acid humor and their national strategic planning project to everyone's ear!

Facebook Profile Picture Cirão Maranhense

Cranberry Maranhense

Support page created by admirers of the national developmentalist project of the pre-candidate for the presidency of the republic, Ciro Gomes. Young Maranese who strongly believe in politics.

Facebook Profile Picture Cirão Paraibano


Created by the Paraíbaan admirers of CIRO GOMES, serious, experienced, intact for its National Development Project for a new Paraíba and a socially just Brazil.

Picture of Facebook Profile Cirão Potiguar

Stingray Potiguar

The page Ciro Potiguar aims to disseminate and promote the ideas and projects of Ciro Gomes. In the RN, we are the biggest page of support for the presidential candidate and we are sure that this effort will bring results for the election of 2018. The time is now!

Logo do Parceiro Ciro Gomes Sincero

Sincere ciro

Independent page, run by admirers of Ciro Gomes and enthusiasts of his pre-candidacy for the Presidency of Brazil. All posts and comments on this page are the sole responsibility of the administrators.

Photo of Facebook Profile Portal Disparada

Portal Fired

DISPARADA is a portal of columnists that reflects on the most diverse topics, from national and international politics to questions of economics, philosophy, social conflicts, culture and art that intends to participate actively and organized of the Brazilian political process.

Progressista Facebook Profile Picture


The channel and the Progressive page were created to spread progressive, nationalist ideas and oppose the delivery of the riches of the country. And mainly to support the pre-candidate Ciro Gomes for the Presidency of Brazil in 2018.

Facebook Profile Picture Sol de Outubro

Sun October

Sol de Outubro is an independent media collective focused on art, culture, literature, the environment, music and politics. Classified by Ciro Gomes as "very early bright."

Facebook Profile Picture Tattoo in the Toco

Tattoo in the Toco

Tattoo no Toco is a Youtube channel dedicated to the dissemination of Brazilian nationalist left thinking and support to Ciro Gomes' presidential pre-campaign. The channel has 20 1,000 subscribers, moving up to 6 million views.

Facebook Profile Picture Time Ciro Gomes

Team ciro gomes

Bigger page for Ciro of facebook, Time Ciro Gomes is a page formed by enthusiasts of Ciro Gomes and his ideas with diverse content: news, opinions, memes and much more!

Facebook Profile Picture Todos Com Ciro Londrina

All With Ciro Londrina

The London Hub of the Platform #TodosComCiro! Initiative of civil society and independent, developed by a group of people from all over Brazil. Together, we will build a network of volunteer mobilizers in every corner of the country.

Facebook Profile Picture Todos Com Ciro Paraná

All With Ciro Paraná

Paraná Session of the Plataforma #TodosComCiro! It is time to work together for the Future and not to deepen our differences, in favor of Brazil and Brazilians. Together, we will build a network of volunteer mobilizers!


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