All With Ciro promotes Meeting in the Southwest of Paraná

The mobilizations of the TodosComCiro Platform are already spreading throughout the states. After dozens of meetings organized by Brazil, mobilizadores are doing an important work of engagement and building the first cells of local strengthening. This is what happened this weekend in Franscisco Beltrão, Paraná.

There was gathered, in the premises of the Banco do Brasil Athletic Association - AABB, in Francisco Beltrão, an enthusiastic and engaged group of people that is founding a local cell of the Plataforma com Ciro.

It was the kickoff for the organized mobilization of militants and collaborators of the Platform, which promises to be a success in the Southwest of Paraná. The group began to mobilize via Whatsapp and has discussed strategies and actions to promote the Platform, with a view to presenting the National Development Project, as conceived and debated over several years by Ciro Gomes.

On the occasion of the meeting, the participants were presented with the proposal of the platform and its strategic ways of mobilization and dissemination. It also discussed the country's current political situation, considering the challenges and opportunities for democracy, as well as the importance of Ciro Gomes' pre-candidacy as the best and best qualified alternative for the Brazilian people today.

The group closed the meeting very excited with the tasks to be shared, among them the creation of automotive stickers and the organization of other events, in order to, from a national-development perspective, to add value to the local political debate and to regiment new supporters of the proposal.

And you, have you organized yourself locally? Plan your meeting and #VemPraMassa!


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