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The event All with money in Salvador occurred on 19.01. 2018, a Friday, in the auditorium of the administration school of UFBA and was a success.

It was the first event in Bahia, and had the merit of being organized by one of the mobilizers who came into contact with the Platform through our face-to-face launch in São Paulo in May of 2017. This proves how the goal of being an organized civil society initiative without partisan or business sponsorship can work. Our strategy is working, that is, people who come in contact with the Platform and / or events are motivated to build their own events, by mobilizing their group of people locally to discuss solutions to Brazilian problems. Whoever was in the audience before then takes over.

With only basic resources, articulation and dissemination around an idea, much has been done. The mobilizers briefly presented Brazil's current scenario, emphasizing the need for a plan for the country. Then, the basic strategy of TodoscomCiro was discussed, that is, to put people in contact around the National Development Project, through the Platform, and to promote events in which the political debate returns to the day to day of the people (remember what policy is to participate of decisions in public life, politics is not politics). We explain what we are (organized civil society) and what we are not (pre-campaign, print advisory, partisan arm). Finally, we encourage people to hold their own events, always according to their possibilities and talking to the people around them.

As we open to the questions and comments, we observe how much we stir in a powerful will of the population; the people want to participate in their country. A surprise, even for the most optimistic of the organizers, was to see people from Cruz das Almas, Alagoinhas and other locations in the interior of Bahia that came specially for the event. We discussed how the Platform and Cyrus' ideas have to reach peripheral neighborhoods; that fake news should be tackled and how crucial it is that each of us work as a focal point of what we can do, among other things. We left with groups formed in Whatsapp, plans for new events in Salvador, Alagoinhas and Cruz das Almas, and, above all, the spirits reinvigorated when we find friends who want to battle for a better reality.
Tomás Pinho, 30 of January of 2018.

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