#TodosComCiro strengthens mobilization in Paraná

This Monday (26), in Curitiba , once again the #TodosComCiro move cell met.

The group has grown slowly and distribution of work , allied to connectivity that the new tools provide as a basis for growth.

In addition to Curitiba Paraná already has cells developing in the municipalities of Londrina, Maringá, Foz do Iguaçu, Francisco Beltrão, Capanema and Paranaguá.

Meetings started in December of 2017 in 4 friends and today the group already has {2 people only in Curitiba.

Importance of disseminating and expanding actions

The platform #TodosComCiro aims to mobilize civil society for the debate about a New National Development Project that has been debated by Ciro Gomes.

For this, disseminating information about the proposals and about Ciro Gomes has been fundamental, since many people, despite the affinity with the ideas defended by Ciro, still do not know him or know little of his personal and political trajectory.

Since 2017 and independently, participants enrolled in the platform hold mobilization events around the country, where people can learn more, learn how to participate and exchange experiences, knowledge and ideas on the important issues for the country. From this, local groups are emerging. Learn more about mobilization, sign up!

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