Ciro Gomes may have found Requião a heavy ally in the race for the Plateau

Senator Roberto Requião's (MDB-PR) senator's act of affiliation to the PDT, held this Monday in Palmas-TO, counted - in addition to the presence of the pre-candidate for the presidency by the party. The senator's former companion was emphatic in affirming the breakup of the MDB of Paraná with the national directory of the party and the Temer government, in addition to practically sacramentar the candidacy of Kátia Abreu to the government of Tocantis.

Among the subjects addressed by the emedebista, was the existence of a segment of the senate that he classified as "suprapartidário", of which he and Kátia are part. The senator extolled the ex-emedebista's loyalty to his ideals and lamented the way she was expelled by the hard core of the party's national directory.

The strength of Requião's speech was his support for Ciro Gomes' ideas, expressed in the National Development Project advocated by the PDT pre-candidate, the fight against the Temer administration's dedication and the process of de-industrialization that the country has been going through in the last decades. What at first seemed only the support of common flags between the two politicians became a call for Brazil's nationalists to submit a single candidacy in the elections to contain the dismantling of the country:

"You might be wondering, Ciro, what makes a pemedebista in the affiliation of Kátia Abreu in the PDT of Ciro Gomes. I am president of the PMDB of Paraná. A PMDB differentiated from the national. (...) I am here representing a group of independent senators, which includes Senator Kátia Abreu. We are twenty-odd senators in the National Congress. We act in defense of Brazilian sovereignty, development, and job creation. (...) I was talking to Ciro recently in a ceremony that we did with the press: Brazil is suffering a brutal crisis, but it is a crisis, basically, of destruction of the industry. (...) Agriculture in Brazil pulls our economy.

And the industry is regressing. (...) We need to begin a process of industrialization in pre-agriculture, post-agriculture, industrialization of what we produce and Tocantins can be a lever of this process, having the government's experience, steadfastness and loyalty. my friend, our sister, Kátia Abreu! And we will be a family of Brazilians who will face this Tocantins election on top of the principles of nationality and will end up facing the presidential election in the same way. We will have a government program and we will have, Ciro, a unique candidate, after all, to take Brazil out of the hands of the surrenderers and return it to the Brazilian people. "

Now it remains to know what the next steps of this support will be. Ciro repeatedly said that the MDB would be part of the opposition for the first time in history if elected president. On the other hand, he has always acknowledged that the party still has excellent cadres, like Roberto Requião himself, for whom he has deep appreciation. In this way, it is possible that the national interest overlaps with partisan alliances in the construction of the paranaense platform to support the Ciro Gomes candidacy to the Planalto.

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