The people in charge are the people.

The presidential candidates were in one more debate , this time as guests of the 22 UNALE Conference ( National Union of State Legislators and Legislators ), in Gramado (RS).

All pre-candidates had 10 speaking minutes at the opening of the event and then discussed more specific topics. In his opening speech, Ciro Gomes pointed out the central problems of the country and insisted on the importance of restructuring a empowered brazilian state , in partnership with the dynamics of private initiative, for the development of a national project that overcomes the effects of ideological simplification neoliberal and develop the country.

In the end, Ciro drew more applause from those present by stating that a new and serious goal of these elections is to restore the moral authority of political power in the country. Particularly in view of the continuing extrapolations of role of sectors of public life, in particular the undue (and often illegal) interference of members of the judiciary. Political power, in its administrative and legislative representations, is conferred by the people and it is up to them to decide on the destiny of the country.

As Ciro stated: "Brazil needs to get out of these elections, winning back from the sacred hand of the people, the simple and pure premise of democracy: it is the people and their representation who command in the country is not judicial extrapolating law. "

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