What is being progressive, by Roberto Mangabeira Unger

"Transformative thinking and transforming practice are anti-destiny."

Roberto Mangabeira Unger, a philosopher and professor at Harvard University and one of the Ciro Gomes's advisers , has made several videos on his Facebook page, addressing issues of national policy and reflections on a new project for Brazil.

Among his recent speech is his definition of what it is to be progressive or left wing . For Mangabeira Unger, the commitment of the true progressist should be based not only on the reduction of inequality and on the collective and collective "engrafting" but on the method to achieve this goal: a profound innovation of economic and political institutions.

For the teacher, the paradox lived by the progressive camp today is to base its struggle for the promotion of equality by accepting, in a conservative and skeptical way, the institutional organization in force as an insurmountable horizon. The mismatch between egalitarian faith and institutional conservatism only sweetens and attenuates inequalities and does not promote a real transforming force. This is, according to Mangabeira Unger, the historical task of progressivism: "To organize structural change without submitting to structural dogmatism" and to talk to Brazilians not as co-beneficiaries but as agents of their own transformation, who long for the opportunity of build, innovate and employ their creative intelligence in their aggrandizement.

So who is progressive? Roberto Mangabeira Unger is one who "dominates the agenda of the future of society, it is always that force that embodies more vigorously the cause of energy , of construction, of dynamism, of creation. Never one who seeks only to humanize what is already built, this is the recognition of a defeat. "

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