The problems of the municipality in Brazil - Ciro Gomes finds mayors

Today at the event Dialogue with Presidents , promoted by the National Front of Mayors, the pre-candidate Ciro Gomes evidenced in his speech some of the acute problems that the municipalities live in Brazil.

Among the most evident are the public debt explosion that, during the eight years of FHC's administration, went from 38% to almost 80% of GDP and the increase in the tax burden from 27% to 36 }%.

Another obstacle is the tax contributions destined to the Union and that subtract states and municipalities from the sharing of these revenues and have, as a result, the increase of the debt without the due tax compensation, burdening and compromising the fiscal health of the municipalities. Cities on which social tensions fall due to the lack of public policies compromised by lack of income.

Ao evidenciar essa questão e se referindo a sua própria experiência como prefeito de Fortaleza, Ciro foi fortemente aplaudido pela plateia composta por prefeitos, que vivem em seu cotidiano o estrangulamento de seus orçamentos e a ingerência crescente do poder judiciário sobre as administrações dos municípios.

Another factor of tension over municipalities, as Ciro clarified, is the budget and legal hedges that are defined in Brasília and that disregard the reality of the more than 5 thousand Brazilian municipalities. Contradictions that need to be addressed, but which have not been heard in our necessary national dialogue.

Ciro Gomes finished his speech with a phrase that always says and means a lot to the mayors: for him, a good side of the tragedy that became the federal pact in Brazil is that the moment is also a great opportunity to rebuild it, with a federal power that understands and seeks harmony with the problems of cities and states and makes them participate in a national project .

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