National Development Project (PND): what do you mean?

Elaborate and deploy a new PND is a theme always mentioned in the debates in which Cyrus is present. These ideas need to be taken to the whole population, who feel in their skin and live in their practical reality the effects of the absence of such a project.

To simplify the meaning of this central proposal, we must bear in mind that:

  • The actions of a government need to be coordinated, but not just 4 in 4 years or according to the electoral calendar. There must be forecasting and organization within decades, for the short, medium and long term. In addition, we need clear goals, recognized by society as a whole, as well as timelines and oversight of public policies and government actions. Such a project needs to state a country view in which one believes, to have clear positions on which place to occupy and seek in the world. These are ideas that are present when we say that the country needs a project.
  • The characteristics and objectives of Brazil should guide the project. Knowing our territory, our wealth (for example, energy, minerals, our natural resources) and potential is a fundamental step to be able to articulate how production, work and technology will be at a national level. This does not necessarily mean creating protectionism, but rather knowing what goals we can adapt to our production capacity, to the industry with a chance to stand out. This is what is at stake when we talk about the need for a project that takes into account the national question, which is not limited to the production of a country, since it also takes into account its history, its culture, identities and social classes and its trajectories in Brazil.
  • There is no developed country where people live poorly, where social and economic inequality is at alarming levels, as is unfortunately the case in Brazil. Therefore, when we speak of development, we take into account not only economic growth, but also human development and social justice.

The political debate this year can not only be about people, because Brazil needs to discuss ideas! Shall we help spread these ideas? They are summarized and condensed here, but they may be useful for us to talk, at first, about this fundamental theme brought by Cyrus: a new PND for Brazil.


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