The Terror of Plutocracy: Union and Critical Thinking

"Absence of Ciro Gomes in Lula's prison disturbs the left" . This gives the tone of headlines regarding the situation of Squid and the positions of Ciro Gomes . Tom is ruled by people who know very well what they want, although on this same occasion, in a collective, Fernando Haddad and Jacques Wagner have reaffirmed the quality of Cyrus as a progressive postulant to the Plateau.

In recent days, following the arrest of the former president Squid and the event that preceded it in São Bernardo, Ciro Gomes became the target of some sectors of the left for not being present.

It is known, however, that the pedertist was at Harvard, accompanied by such figures as Flávio Dino , governor of Maranhão by PCdoB, and Alexandre Padilha , vice president of the National PT, for a series of lectures. Nevertheless, as Cyrus already warned, there is a certain group that is afraid of the idea of ​​a possible progressive national union.

Around the clock, criticism of the possibility of a fragmented progressive camp is heard in the second round. It is forgotten, however, that the liberals and rightists are also crumbling among themselves: there are the pre-candidatures of Jair Bolsonaro, Geraldo Alckmin, Henrique Meirelles, Rodrigo Maia, Flávio Rocha ... and there is still another name on the list.

There is no problem with the number of progressive field applications in 2018. It is even healthy and natural that there is more than one application, so that the interests represented and incorporated by each one and its country projects are delineated well. This, however, does not serve as an excuse for the friendly fire that a certain plutocratic press tries to install and foment among the postulants to the post of president of the Republic (and its partisan and ideological allies) that transit through the progressive field, and that, unfortunately, returns and a half is adopted by some unsuspecting.

More than once, however, in recent days we have seen headlines from several newspapers and blogs, including from the left, echoing and chanting to some narratives that do not exist, being more notorious examples: that Guilherme Boulos , presided over by PSOL, would be charging Ciro Gomes presence at the event in São Bernardo and the vigil of Squid in Curitiba; that Cyrus would have refused to attend St. Bernard because he was not View Profile View Forum Posts ; or that Cyrus , for not attending the event, would be being expurgated from the progressive field.

Once the contexts are analyzed and the sentences related to the narrated situations are heard, however, we perceive the deception. Boulos , for example, never charged anything for Cyrus : just, quietly, said that he would like your presence at the events. The emphasis given by some blogs and newspapers to the phrase Boulos is made to appear that there was a demand, a sense of betrayal on the part of some left by the absence of Cyrus , which is not true in analyzing the completeness of his statement. The psychologist made it clear that Cyrus is one of the great leaders to represent the progressive and democratic field and recalled, on all occasions when it was asked, that Cyrus was very clear and strongly against the parliamentary coup of 2016.

Said Boulos in his last sentence decontextualized by the media:   "Hope Cyrus come here. Ciro put himself in the defense of democracy at the time of the parliamentary coup in Brazil , but it is he who must say why he has not come yet. "   There is no charge. There is even guidance for the reporter to ask the Cyrus , not the Boulos , why the absence, if there is a need for a "why", given the public statements of solidarity to Squid what Cyrus already manifested.

Also false is the statement on some blogs that says that   Cyrus   did not attend the event because it was not   "Pull the PT".   Although he gave the statement, it was not given in order to explain his absence. Instead,   Cyrus   recalled that he supported the PT for 16 years, emphasizing the correctness of the administrations, but not absolving the mistakes.

The same kind of maneuver happened with Jacques Wagner of the PT, which had been charged with a charge and a Cyrus , when, in fact, the opposite happened. Wagner said that Cyrus It is "A picture of the best quality, despite some unnecessary speeches" , referring to criticisms that the pedestrians do not spare the PT, without seeking some kind of removal from the presidential.

Moment is of wide national union

At a time when entities such as the MBL and committed press sectors are willing to fall on top of the image of Cyrus   and of any Brazilian progressive (and have already made clear that they are willing to do anything about it) and dismantle it before Brazilian society, it is sensible that the progressive field contributes to this task, especially considering that not even the other pre-candidates are attacking the candidate from Ceará?

Leonel de Moura Brizola faced the same problems in the face of minor disagreements with Squid and the PT (constantly from intrigues installed by the same press). It is not new behavior. The desire of some sectors of Brazil to join forces with progressives and nationalists is old, for it is one of the most transformative and revolutionary combinations of forces in the country.

Let's pay attention. Let's not play the game of segregation, of the excitement of the hateful division. Let's go to the clean, clear and ideas debate, and leave the adjectives at home, even when it comes to our opponents. This is a struggle that can only be overcome with dialogue, and if not even the progressive field of dialogue, what to expect from when we need to debate with the liberals, with the surrenderers of the nation? The image of Squid can not be the only vector force to guide the course of the national debate, no matter how important it is as leadership - and it is the most popular and important in the last decades - especially if it is to lead towards the division of forces.

Ciro Gomes - as Guilherme Boulos , Manuela D'Ávila , Fernando Haddad , Jacques Wagner , among many others - occupied a clear and specific side during the whole of the Brazilian crisis that has spread over the last few years: the opposite of coup, authoritarianism, the abuse of a paladin judiciary, the trampling of the Constitution, blind and utopian liberalism - which is only of interest to foreign interests, as well as being vocal and clearly willing to face the problems of national inequality and misery. It is, like the others mentioned, alongside democracy, impartial justice and, above all, national development and social justice.

Let us decide: which way will we go? What satisfies the oligopolies of communication and installs the intrigue between ourselves, making union difficult, or what satisfies the best national interests and terrifies the plutocrats?

In time, until the publication of this article, columnist Mônica Bergamo, Folha de SP, published an article attributing to Ciro Gomes the certainty and expectation that "PT would support him for fear of an electoral failure." InfoMoney reproduced in quotation marks as if it were Cyrus's phrase. Click here to read the text.


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