Pillar of the attacks on Ciro Gomes in the media

Time passes quickly and our perception of your passage changes greatly throughout life. On the day of a child's first birthday, that year spent concentrates all of his experiences up to that point. Everything was new! From the pains to the astonishment watching the movement of the own hands. On the day that completes 2 years, the previous year represents half the life of the birthday girl. Contemplating the moving hands is no longer so interesting. Now he can walk! See how wonderful! At age 3, a third of life passed that year. The experience is growing and the news, gradually thinning. Imagine on the day you are 2 years old ?! The previous year represents the tiny fraction of 1 / 60 of your entire life. You've been around a lot, you've seen everything and everything in the last five years. Probably, that was a year of little surprise and many repetitions. Boring repetitions that bring the past closer together by shuffling past experiences.

Strange how everything looks like it was yesterday. It seems like yesterday that the human being arrived on the moon. It was yesterday that we won the third world championship. Yesterday the amendment of the direct elections was rejected. The powerful Soviet Union was eternal until yesterday. The revolutionary Matrix movie debuted in theaters yesterday, exactly 19 years ago! It was the other day that I saw in the cinema my favorite character in this movie, Merovingian, uttering a myriad of swearing in French and saying that cursing in French was like "wiping his ass with silk." It seems like it was yesterday that I laughed at this scene seen so many years ago.

These days I remembered her heartily when reading a story in the newspaper Le Monde. The text described the profile of the main candidates for the presidency of Brazil in 2018. In the end, there were two paragraphs about Ciro Gomes , l'exalté. In the first, a phrase of the exalted candidate consternated by the condemnation of his "friend" Lula (quotes from the "newspaper"), followed by the question: "Crocodile tears?" - which revealed the internationality of the idiomatic expression and the journalistic agenda.

In the second paragraph, the focus was no longer on the friend, but on the main enemy of Ciro Gomes , which would be himself, according to the matter. Noting the recent "testosterone scandal," which scandalized more endocrinologists than the presidential candidate herself, the paper returned to find the scandal scandal - the famous phrase of the wife's role in the election. I reproduce it in French to see how Merovingian was right about the language and the softness of silk-cleaning rather than newsprint: "Ma femme à un des rôles les plus importants, qui est de coucher avec moi. Coucher avec moi est fondamental rôle. "

Looks like it was yesterday. The 16 years that separate us from the day this sentence was said are shortened by constant repetition throughout this decade and a half. Again and again we heard the explanation of the context and the report of the apology. We heard about the plot of the opposition campaign at the time, with his team of psychologists working out the emotional dismantling strategy of the target candidate. And, above all, we heard the motives behind the clatter made around this stuck phrase to deconstruct a campaign that threatened the interests of the bank.

Caetano Veloso brought the psychological explanation: unconsciously, Cyrus had sabotaged his own campaign because he would have realized the size of the prohibitions against the confrontation he proposed compared to the size of the forces that supported him. In an interview with José Trajano on 2017, in which he recounts the help of the tropicalist friend in his analysis, Ciro Gomes also made a controversial revelation, which, incredibly, did not become a scandal. Invited to dinner at Olavo Setubal's house in 2002, Ciro would have heard the following statement from the owner of Itaú: "To win the election, you go there and say what you want. But if you win, come back here to understand us, otherwise we'll knock you down. "

Self-sabotage is a good explanation, no doubt, but it does not satisfy the curiosity of the historical imagination. The one that so irritates historians, sharpened by "what if" questions: What if the phrase had not been said?

Ciro Gomes , next to Leonel Brizola in the Labor Front, in 2002, faced in the election more amiable guests in the dinners offered by the Setúbal family. The phrase said, and repeated to exhaustion throughout the media , converted the research leader, who attacked interest at every opportunity he had, in the biggest sexist in the history of the Cosmos.

New election, new candidacy with real chances of victory, new promises to fight the bank and the old strategy that reappears, synchronizing the agenda of the media . No government plan, public debt audit, and re-industrialization. First part of the interview: "Talk about Lula". Second part, usually asked by a journalist in grave tone: "talk about the femme qui ne se réveille jamais."

Here is what would have happened if the phrase had not been said: they would find something else. That simple. They would question their income, without the right of reply, present more sentences taken from context, invent stories, spy on the lives of family members, blackmail, threaten, fraudulent documents, ballot boxes, military blows, poison, sabotage cars and airplanes. Politics in Latin America has well-defined rules.

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