Ciro Gomes has never been sexist, says Patricia Pillar in an interview

In an interview published by Globo today, on 25 / 03, Patrícia Pillar came out in defense of Ciro Gomes, said that he was never sexist, and also stated that in the elections of 2018, his vote will be his.

Patricia affirmed that they lived together 17 years he Ciro was never sexist. According to her, Ciro was an alternative to the PT and the PSDB and therefore caught up on both sides. In all his interviews, that she was present, Ciro received the same questions, and always provocatively. Just that day, it was the third or fourth time. He had already replied that Patricia was his companion, who talked about everything and who shared a project from Brazil, Patricia said. But he lost his patience and gave that unfortunate answer.

According to her, for a person who has not become cynical, it is very difficult to endure certain things. However, sometimes people prefer the cynical, the "educated," who say incredible things, but end up doing the opposite, she said.

The actress stated that Ciro apologized and she immediately understood the fatigue and exhaustion she had experienced with him.

Asked if she would vote in the elections of 2018 for Ciro Gomes the president, she replied:

- Vote for it of course. The picture is still undefined but there is not the slightest chance that my vote will not be his.


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