URGENT: Imperialism makes one more victim!

O Imperialism , using the old subterfuge to enforce his will through sellers of his own dominated people, led to imprisonment and condemnation plus a native who threatened his plans. First, the representative of the occupying forces simulated a judgment, manipulating local public opinion to believe that the Empire would have no interest in the subsequent conviction.

In the process, carried out in the fragile national instances, the massacre that he caused a few days before in the main church of the capital weighed against the accused when, with a whip, he expelled the street vendors who did his work there. During the confusion, witnesses claim to have heard the accused utter improprieties against the head of the occupation forces. The defendant would also have a number of supporters who followed him, which increased the risk of creating widespread riots that could disrupt the public peace and the daily lives of good citizens.

Keeping silent throughout the trial, the accused was found guilty and, following the laws of the country, sentenced to death. In accordance with the rules laid down by Empire , the execution of the sentence should be carried out by the soldiers of the occupying forces. There are allegations of torture in the sentence execution process, but they can not be investigated, since the Empire does not recognize the legitimacy of international bodies.

Palestine, Good Friday from 33 AD


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