Nelson Motta praises the integrity and experience of Ciro Gomes

Plan C

Nelson Motta published in his column in the newspaper O Globo, this Friday (09 / 02), a text called   Plan C in which he reflected on the qualities and defects of Ciro Gomes .

The columnist recalled controversies regarding Ciro's past behavior, citing an act of rudeness, a macho gaffe, and the existence of 80 proceedings for moral damages against Ceará, but it was necessary: ​​"[Nonetheless,] Ciro was never accused of corrupt, even though he was prefect, governor and minister of National Integration in the first Lula government. "(It should be remembered, he was also finance minister in the Itamar government and federal deputy during the second half of the Lula administration.) It's true: Ciro has a vast career in elections (the last one he ran for and won was 2006) untouched by allegations of corruption.

Nelson also extolled the validity and necessity of the debate that Ciro imposes on Brazil: "You can discuss your ideas for Brazil, but not your honesty and experience. But does Brazil need someone with your profile? It is not possible to ... administer a country with institutionalized corruption in the Three Powers only with rational arguments and Republican dialogues. It takes strength, courage and authority, zero tolerance for corrupt people, whether they be parliamentarians, judges or senior officials, respect for democracy and the Constitution. If Cyrus's problem is the style, then perhaps this is a necessary quality. "

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