Who is afraid of the legacy of Michel Temer?

"Center is an imaginary point of geometry. Who is getting together is the right , which will, let's say, carry the coffin of government Michel Temer " . Ciro Gomes

In an interview that aired on the morning of May 08, by the special Band Elections , Ciro Gomes was provoked by the interviewer who said that the "center" was coming together. Ciro promptly corrected the journalist he was gathering on was the right, who now seeks to dodge the responsibility of holding "the handle of the government coffin Michel Temer", whom he has supported in the past two years.

The important issue in this dialogue, therefore, is less the demarcation of the field (right / left) and the attempt of the center-right candidates, especially those of Geraldo Alckmin and Henrique Meirelles, to unravel (with the help of the press ) of the legacy of the most unpopular government in Brazil's history, which has assumed power without vote, is plagued by reports of corruption and has been subjecting the country to deep social setbacks.

The ghost of the neoliberalist vampire , as he called Tuiuti's paradise in its historic parade, should haunt in those elections to whom it is entitled: the right-wing coalition PSDB / PMDB that put it in power.

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