Marianna Dias, president of UNE, attends the meeting of the All-Cycle Platform

The meeting of independent civil society mobilizers with Ciro Gomes yesterday, 07 / 03, in Brasilia, was also marked by the presence of National Union of Students (UNE), in the person of its president, Marianna Dias.

Marianna spoke about the importance of a new National Project for the country, which has "a traitorous and dubious elite in the face of the false charms of American capitalism." The UNE president pointed out that the "national industry has been destroyed in the name of morals and good manners" and said that Brazil "is going through a new phase of a mutt complex, of thinking that the country can not work."

Faced with this dramatic picture of our country and elections Marianna spoke of her concern for democracy and the role of the UNE: "That's why I'm here. Because of the need to understand that the sovereignty of popular vote needs to be a thread of hope for the future of our country. And despite the National Union of Students, which is the entity that I preside over (historic, of 80 years) and that has survived many phases of our country's history, do not support any candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic until then, to honor all the candidacies that are part of the democratic, popular, leftist, and progressive field of our country. "

The president of the UNE, the main representative student body of the country, ended his speech saying: "If everyone is with Ciro, UNE is with everyone who calls for democracy and for development "And was applauded by the audience and by Ciro Gomes who gave Marianna a hug after her speech.

Ciro, at the beginning of her speech, thanked the presence and the words of the UNE president saying: "Marianna has something very delicate that is to preside over the National Union of Students, in which all currents are present. And yet, she commits kindness, driven even by feelings that are not clearly perceived by the average politician, to understand the need to maintain solid bridges, fraternal and reliable dialogues, of all the forces of the national, popular and progressive field of Brazil . Thank you so much, Marianna, for your lucidity. "

Then Ciro also quoted Manuela D'ávila, the PCdoB's pre-candidate for the president: "We Brazilians need to pay homage, pay attention, respect, and give an effusive welcome to the national debate of this extraordinary figure that PCdoB will present as a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, our dear Manuela. "

The entire event can be viewed on the #TodosComCiro Facebook page:   Facebook


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