Lula awaits visit from Ciro Gomes

A few days ago, shortly after the arrest of the former president Luis Inácio Lula da Silva , Ciro Gomes and other pedetist leaders, such as Carlos Lupi and André Figueiredo, declared their interest in visiting the PT in Curitiba. With this, Lula's defense was required to "prove the degree of friendship" between the parties.

Today, the defense of Squid forwarded a list citing the friendly relationship between him and ten people who would like to visit him and stated that Squid does not oppose such visits, also recording in writing on the same occasion the desire that the PT has to see the composers of the list, that counts on names like Ciro Gomes , Carlos Lupi, Eduardo Suplicy and Marianna Dias, as well as six other student or political leaderships.

Cyrus on the other occasion when he was asked, that he is not going to talk about politics with Squid , but rather as an old comrade of fights of more than 30 years.

Lula tem recebido familiares e advogados periodicamente, apesar de algumas de suas visitas terem sido rejeitadas pela juíza federal Carolina Lebbos. A Lei de execução penal determina que presos podem receber visitas do cônjuge, de parentes ou de amigos em dias determinados. Portanto, a tendência é de que Ciro tenha um encontro com Lula em breve.

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