Leandro Karnal analyzes Ciro Gomes' interview with Roda Viva

Leandro Karnal , one of the best known teachers in Brazil, analyzed, on his Facebook page, after a large number of requests, the interview of very high circulation what Ciro Gomes granted to the Live Wheel .

Refering to Ciro Gomes as a "paulista-cearense" (the presidential candidate is from Pindamonhagaba but grew up with his family in Sobral), Karnal pointed to Ciro's ability to dictate the tone of the interview and to his experience in public office (ex-minister twice , former state deputy, former federal deputy, former mayor, former governor), while admitting that Ciro has a strong rhetoric that should work well on levies.

By enumerating points, the teacher justified why Ciro was a candidate to the left of the national political spectrum. Among these points were the constant confrontation that Cyrus adopts in the face of what he calls "plutocracy" (the financial elite) and the anti-imperialist discourse (by the professor characterized as an "anti-US discourse", focusing on Ciro's criticism of both the Venezuelan government and the opposition).

In addition, it considered as typical practice of what should be called "real politik" the positions of Cyrus to negotiate with the legislative (elected by the people) and on sensitive issues (such as legalization of drugs and abortion, both of which can be seen as public health issues), which Ciro said were guidelines for discussed broadly by the population and submitted to plebiscites and referendums.

Karnal still pondered what alternative to the pricing policy of (now) former Petrobrás president Pedro Parente, Ciro or the PDT would adopt. Despite this doubt, the historian did not fail to notice the dry firmness and clarity, translated into "conviction" by the average voter, who followed the former governor's appointments. The professor was still divided about how he perceived the interview by Cyrus to be placed on a thin line between "assertiveness" and "authoritarianism".

It is an analysis that seeks not to take sides from Leandro Karnal , but it is also extremely valuable for the national debate .

Check out the full text of Leandro Karnal:

Responding to the hundreds of people who demanded my perception of Ciro Gomes' interview on Roda Viva, there she was. I will…

Posted by Leandro Karnal on   Sunday, June 3, 2018


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  • Matilde Eugenia 04 / 06 / 2018 Reply

    I attended the interview, just as I have attended several lectures by Cyrus. Of an intellectual of his size, he expected more than a rude resume!

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