It is unfair to condemn Ciro Gomes for not having gone to San Bernardo, says Renato Janine

The former Minister of Education, Renato Janine Ribeiro, said through his profile of Facebook has been trying to understand the position of Ciro Gomes. He said he would rather have preferred Ciro to leave the Brazil Conference in the US to come to Lula. But he said that Ciro was extremely loyal to the PT, Lula and Dilma during all these years. Janine said that Ciro has always criticized the PT's alliance with the PMDB, making every criticism and still supporting the PT in many campaigns. He said he saw Ciro, on 2016, at the launch of Haddad's candidacy.

"To condemn Ciro because he did not go to Lula's side, physically, last week, is unfair," said the former minister. Janine said that Ciro has every right to run for president, has never been charged with crimes, is firm in his convictions, and can be a good, progressive and realistic president. He concluded by saying that the PT left must stop demanding that other left-wing actors always follow its agenda.


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