Debates and sabatinas: exposing yourself and dealing with pressure is the duty of a head of state

This has everything to be the election with more information (and misinformation), of all times, about politics. The popularization of the internet and social networks (such as Whatsapp , which fell in the taste of Brazilians) and the dramatic political and economic situation which the country is going through, has redoubled the population's attention to politics and, even far from being a party, has already mobilized a growing number of people.
When talking about Whatsapp and social networks, one of the first objections is in the immense and uncontrollable amount of fake and distorted news circulating in memes and decontextualized video clippings. However, just complaining about it is as useful as a sailor complaining about the sea. You must have an active stance, distrust and research.

We're not hostage to television anymore

In the recent history of Brazil, monopoly of information of very few open television channels confined the electoral political debate and helped to seal some of its destinies, such as the edited debate of 1989 or, as Ciro Gomes always denounces, the absence of debates in 1998, which deprived the population of to know other proposals and visions and to be alerted about the serious economic problem that would occur the following year.
Thus, focusing on its positive aspects, it is well known that Internet access is beneficial for democratic exercise in Brazil. Although doubtless weighs the media monopoly, it has been possible to mark the fields of debate, create currents of opinion and exit the gossip environment to discuss the country's problems.

Meet your pre-candidate

The pre-election debates and sabatins, a common practice in Brazilian politics, are more frequent and fundamental in the very reduced campaign time, which went from 90 to 45 days and in a month and a half it would not be possible to delve into ideas and government projects of the candidates. The innovation is greatly impacted, because of the ease of virtual access they are achieving.

It is vital that the voter covers the participation of all pre-candidates, so that they can not only clarify your ideas , but so that they can be exposed and demonstrate how they deal with the democratic debate and the contradictory, no matter how they consider this or that environment / media body hostile to their political position. Or even for that reason, since this is the daily life of a head of state is dealing with the yearnings of the population, with the surveillance of the press and the harsh foreign policy talks.

Being exposed and dealing with pressure is the duty of those seeking to occupy the highest office of the nation and the right of voters, who can take advantage of the incredible benefit that the virtual world can bring to politics.


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