Ciro Gomes, the true antisystem voice in Brazil

The fashion in the world press are the " antisystem candidates ". The stagnant economy a decade ago, growing social inequality and the precariousness of living conditions increasingly lead the world population to disbelieve the traditional political system.

Candidates who can convince themselves that they are on the fringe of the political system are able to attract votes from those voters who no longer participate in the political process. Its essential feature is to present some hostility from the political and party system , gives big press , of "Marketplace" , and most of the academic elite and cultural . Americans have a name for it: the Establishment .

They can appear anywhere on the political spectrum. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders went through this in the US, Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon in France, Syriza in Greece, We in Spain, Jeremy Corbyn in the UK.

The cases of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are emblematic. Both were boycotted by their parties , despite moving crowds and renewing the hope of those outraged by politics. Both also had joking comments from most "experts," academics and political scientists.

The economic elite and their pet economists said their economic programs, contrary to globalization, would "break" the US. The scholarships fall every time the candidates triumph. Jurists sought legal impediments to their candidacies. The press boycotted the coverage of their campaigns.

What explains this hostility of political, economic, and cultural elites? What explains is the hidden actor to whom all the others are today, in one form or another, subordinate: the Global Financial System . He is the true hegemonic actor of the world in the last 30 years, slowly and meticulously building the Global Neoliberal Order , blocking the political system the discussion of everything that truly the threat: free trade agreements, taxation of financial income and renationalisation of industries.

They co-opted right-wing and left-wing political parties via electoral financing , kidnapping democracy. W or opted for the gym funding research of interest and paying millions of dollars to politicians and academics. W the media and the cultural industry due to the money of its advertisements and the financing of its projects.

Through mergers, acquisitions, and capital openings, all major world corporations were handed over to the financial system, large funds and shareholders. CEOs hired by shareholder boards began to have as their only goal the production of I enjoy and mid-term at all costs, without any primary consideration production , employees or research and development of new technologies .

In the US, what determined Trump's victory and Sanders 'defeat was the Republican Party's greatest internal democracy, the radical radicalism of Sanders' absolute press blockage that the last one suffered, which was driblado by Trump with its controversial declarations. But Trump is still misaligned enough with the establishment to live under permanent threat of impeachment and blockade of the party itself to his program.

And in Brazil , which would be the leadership that would incarnate the opposition to the political system, more demoralized and hated than in the US, media, academia and economic elite? What would be the voice capable of energizing the masses and renewing their political hopes?

Currently there is more than one political leader in this position. Jair Bolsonaro is one of those who fulfills some of these characteristics, defending polemical positions on prohibited issues for public discussion. The character is vilanizado whenever possible by journalists, academics and celebrities.

Economists and journalists attack their economic ignorance. Its supporters are caricatured as fascists, stupid and ignorant. A footballer who said he was sympathetic to him was lynched. Bolsonaro suffers to some extent what Trump suffered in the US and, as it occurred there, this only reinforced the bonds of solidarity between his supporters and him.

However, the big question that Bolsonaro does not answer is the economic one. Bolsonaro does not have as Trump a project of rejection to neoliberalism capable of seducing part of the nation, he presents more of the same denationalization and de-industrialization that is already massacring Brazilian workers and businessmen. It surrendered the instructions of the "market", entity that in fact is a label for the International Financial System.

The program that attacks in a more decisive and frontal way the hidden actor is that of Ciro Gomes . This characterizes him as the true anti-system voice . Ciro is willing to deal with taxation of large estates It's from financial capital , to reduce squeezing interest payment of the Brazilian State to international monetization and to maintain a competitive exchange that allows the Brazilian industry to compete again internationally.

More than this, Ciro wants to make a tax and tax reform deep, that allow the constant investment of the Brazilian State in infrastructure projects and strategic programs for the rebirth of the national industry. Common solid tax system , the country will no longer be at the mercy of investment notes and levels of trust of international investors, will constantly finance its development, just as the Asian nations do.

This is why the Ciro Gomes is being boycotted and silenced like Sanders, and in this are also the Brazilian "big parties" who, willingly or unwillingly, have adapted in global financial capitalism and are about to lose their positions of prominence in the political dispute. The administrative experience of Cyrus , in contrast to Bolsonaro's, only makes it more threatening , because it means that he will have the experience and ability to make his project viable after coming to power.

This is why some academics employed by the mainstream media accuse the Cyrus in populist . This is why press only the news headlines that characterize it as intemperate or unbalanced . This despite the fact that its name already second or third in research without Lula.

The supporters of Cyrus must be aware and prepared for this reality if they wish to participate in this battle. Your project is too dangerous for the establishment let him continue unpunished. Cyrus will continue to be boycotted, hidden, attacked by all fractions of Power.

Only the popular mobilization, the alliance between workers, professionals and small and medium entrepreneurs can take him to the presidency. And only this coalition will allow a possible government to implement the transformations that the country needs to continue on its journey as a nation.

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