Ciro Gomes condemns escalation of political violence in the country

Ciro Gomes has once again expressed his views on the national political situation (as he has done rigorously in recent years), this time to condemn the moves he has had as politicians from the judges of first instance giving interviews in the national network. In addition, he stressed the value of the presumption of innocence that four instances must respect before enacting a defendant, as described in the Constitution.

We have recently witnessed political inconsistencies in Brazil, among which the role and competencies of the judiciary are fuel for a comprehensive debate, and that can not be less important than the discussion about the gravity represented by a legislative power harassed by allegations of corruption and box 2.

However, more important than such statements, was his reflection on an incident related to these aberrations that we witness in the country. The former governor was emphatic in charging the public authorities with investigations that address one of the latest dramas of recent days regarding the violent escalation that has threatened the political climate.

"The attack on the caravan of former President Lula is absurd and should be investigated with rigor," he said, referring to the shots fired at the buses that transported Lula through Paraná, and concluding: "and I repeat the question: Who killed Marielle? "

He said, referring to the same subject, but on a different occasion, that Lula's bus was already being targeted by eggs and stones, which may even be considered a protest language, but that "bullet is barbarism."
Ciro also criticized the stance of those who say that "the Peasants reap what they planted" because not only could someone have died as this type of statement indicates that some interests would polarize the national political debate, when our dramas are more complexes than an antagonism between coxinhas and bologadelas.

Regarding the performance of judges giving statements in national network, said that it bother him to give interview. Ciro evaluates that a judge, when explaining values, "enters politics". The circumscription to which a judge should be limited, he says, should be reduced to placing his legal wisdom and impartiality in the service of the case. Hence the continuation of his extended criticism to the existence of the justice TV, which he called a provincial and third-world instrument.

Once again, the former minister twice tried to inform those who are willing to listen to him that "democracy is a regime of conquest that presumes a trained citizen" to act politically. But our people, in addition to being untrained, have to deal with our authoritarian history, which half and half are unaware of: we are an authoritarian, elitist and slave country.

The recent statement by former Vice-President Michel Temer that the "centralization of power in 1964", as it related to the coup that installed the military regime, may have been a cause for celebration, is also of some scale. The statement by Veja's columnist, Ricardo Noblat, that "A close minister of Temer" would be anticipating a cancellation of this year's elections .   Of course, it's best to pay attention.

Ciro is on his way to Europe, where he has lectured and discussed with groups of politicians and intellectuals who live there.

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