Ciro Gomes will be with TodoComCiro in Brasilia!

Ciro Gomes will be in Brasilia on March 07! Come and participate!

On the day 07 / 03, the TodosComCiro Platform, the Time Ciro Gomes Page, and several other independent groups from all over Brazil will be in Brasilia for an event with civil society and with supporters of the National Development Project defended by Ciro Gomes. The event is open to all civil society and all interested in mobilizing for the project we are building together. It will be an important moment your presence is fundamental!

Entries can be made here:

The event will have the participation of Ciro Gomes and together we will discuss the importance of society to mobilize for the political transformation of Brazil!

Come and be part of the change you want to see in Brazil. We will not let them divide us.

Bring your friends and family!

Location : Theater of the Banking - Sind. of the Bank, block EQS 314 / 315, Block A, Asa Sul - Brasília
Time : 19:00
Date : 07/03/2018

Realization : TodoComCiro Platform and Time Page Ciro Gomes

Support : Ciro Sincero, Cirão da Massa, Tattoo in Toco, Cirão Carioca, Ciro Atômico, Cirão Brasiliense, Progressista, Sol de Outubro, Cirão Maranhense, Cirão Paraibano, Ciro Gomes Pernambuco, Cirão Potiguar, Ciro Brasiliense, Ciro Gomes Mineiro.

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