In the midst of lack of leadership in the country, Ciro Gomes reaches the most talked about topics in the world by Twitter

Ciro Gomes granted an interview on Monday (28 / 05) to the program Roda Viva, live on national network by TV Cultura, and the repercussion of its participation was great, arriving at reaching the most talked about subjects in the world, according to the Twitter .

One of the most traditional Brazilian television interview programs (which has already had different political and editorial leanings), the Roda Viva has already received Ciro Gomes in other 6 moments for interviews that are accessed and watched by thousands of people over the web - to check the numbers, just look for editions of the program with Ciro on platforms like YouTube, for example.

At the end of the interview, among the most Twitter all around the world ( Trending Topics world), the Live Wheel occupied the 4 th. position, followed by Cyrus , in 5 th. (as shown in the image below).


Adding the numbers tweets , the program and its interviewee of the night reached, in this social network, more than 51.400 mentions. Considering other platforms, the repercussion was even more intense.

The discussion on the October elections intensifies and, at the same time, increases mistrust about what those who fear direct and democratic elections would be able to do, the only way out of the present chaos in which the country finds itself.

Data that can be accessed by any user of the web show that the interview of Ciro Gomes to the program yesterday had the greatest impact in the comparison to the other pre-candidates interviewed by Roda Viva.

For example, in an interview hearing online transmitted by Facebook , yesterday's edition with Ciro Gomes already has 703.000 views, in the video broadcast that is only a few hours in the air. These numbers are in front of previous editions with Guilherme Boulos (who, even with 22 days in the air, adds 534.000 views) and with Marina Silva (video has 30 days in the air that adds 184.000 views) for example.

It is surprising, in this context, the scope and the repercussion positive result of Ciro Gomes' interview with the Roda Viva program, showing that the country is anxious to get in touch with ideas on issues affecting the people and that the population is willing to give visibility to those who are proposing to debate.

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    Very good. You're my pre-candidate.

  • Bernardo luiz cordeiro 29 / 05 / 2018 Reply

    "Now it's CIRO 12, porrrr" !!!!!

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