Ciro Gomes and the Labor Reform

On the morning of May 9, at a press conference at the Trade Union of Retailers in Volta Redonda (RJ), Ciro Gomes reaffirmed his commitment to the revocation of the Labor Reform approved by government Michel Temer .

For Ciro, the necessary reform of the laws for the world of work of the 21st century should not be due to the precariousness and cruelty that has been imposed on Brazilian society, which, among other things, establishes intermittent work days, allowing pregnant women to work in place unhealthy and without guarantee of minimum remuneration.

The consequences of this reform, which has been made without debate, already appear, with the destruction of more than 1 million formal jobs and the evasion of 1 million and 400 people from the social security contribution caused by pejotization of the labor market.

For such a profound reform it is important to call society to the debate all the interested forces of the business, but especially, according to Cyrus, the working class, mediated by the academy and with an eye to international experience.

According to Ciro Gomes, this new reform, which re-celebrates relations in the world of work, should be guided by the protection of work and the worker.

Both the Labor Reform and others, such as the attempt to Reform of Social Security , and the delivery policy of the Temer government, are permanent targets of harsh criticism of Ciro Gomes.

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