Ciro Gomes and the Social Security Reform

Speaking on his Facebook page on 6 in February, Ciro Gomes officially announced that his party, PDT, has totally opposed this pension reform and has said that no MP in his party will vote in favor of the reform proposed by the government. Ciro, adds that out of necessity and respect for the people, once democracy is restored, a discussion on the social security issue is promoted.

"It is not true that pensions today have a deficit. Basically our problem is this: 40 years ago we had 6 young Brazilians working and contributing a little bit that they financed the old Brazilian 1 room that had no life expectancy greater than 60 years. From there to everything has changed everything: the labor market, informality, unemployment, robotics, mechanization etc etc and also life expectancy. That is, today we have less than 2 workers on average employed to finance the retirement of a Brazilian whose life expectancy has already exceeded 73 years. So that does not work and is in the near future will not hit, "explains Ciro.

Ciro also says that this imbalance did not happen suddenly and that necessary necessary reforms have always been postponed by government agents. In his speech, he recalls that these same "patches", as he himself refers, were created to finance our social security and cites all: Social Contribution on Net Income, PIS, COFINS - which is the largest of all, workers, employers' contribution gradually increased, Government contribution coming in recently and a piece of money from lotteries.

"It is a huge and incomprehensible huge basket of things that have been created over time to fund social security. Adding everything from the basket, the general social security is paid and there will be only the public pension issue of public servants who represent 2% or 3% of the Brazilian population. The general regime has no deficit. "

The foresight in the sights of Temer
Ciro Gomes's speech is even more emphatic when it reveals the creation of a DRU-Unrelated Union Revenue, by President Temer.

"They acted in the dead of night, without talking to anyone because Temer is not there to obey the interests of his foreign partners and Brazilian financial speculators, they are all partners together."

Always very educational, Ciro Gomes explains that the DRU withdraws 1 / 3 from all social security contributions, that is, 30% of all social security funding and passes this amount to foreigners, or rather saying, for debt service. This shows a deficit of 180 billion reais.

"Obviously this deficit is from the Government with financial speculation and it is not a welfare deficit."

The solution
Always very incisive in positioning himself against Temer's proposals, Ciro considers it fundamental that the country should promote a serious debate on social security reform. He clarifies that if all the measures suggested by Temer are approved the country will save on average 450 billion in 10 years and the deficit of only 2018 will be 160 billion Reals.

"This is so criminal, so shameless that in the same week they force their hands to get the farmworkers to pay for the same time as the contribution of intellectual workers working in air-conditioned offices. They want teachers to sacrifice themselves and work for 40 or 45 years of contribution to merit an entire room, which does not exist anywhere in the world. On the same day, they ask that a police officer accept the absurdity of running after a thug for 45 or 49 years to deserve the full room, did they know what? They granted a tax exemption of 1 trillion reais to the national multi petroleum, to which they are also handing our pre-salt kiss that belongs to our children. Note well that such a government is not serious, "explains Cyrus.

The people have the power
At the end of the video, Ciro reinforces the importance of defeating this pension reform and asks that the people take the streets of the country if it is necessary or that every Brazilian, at least, press the deputies sending emails, calling or charging for Facebook, to be pressured: "Members only know one language: voted against the people will no longer have the vote of the people in the next election. Do it this week! ", Finished Ciro Gomes.

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