For Ciro Gomes, "we must propose before, take the risk of being criticized"

A new interview was issued earlier this Tuesday (08 / 05) by Ciro Gomes to the Canal Livre program and, throughout his speeches, the pre-candidate for employment highlighted at various moments his understanding of relation to society in the run-up to this year's campaign and elections.

The former governor of Ceará mentioned the matter primarily by passing on the interview given by Mauro Benevides Filho, who participates in the construction of his government program, to the State this week: We are getting ideas. And this is what he [Benevides] announces because our campaign will be made with absolute transparency, because I want to ask the Brazilian people that, if you give me the honor to serve this great nation as its president, help me to understand the ideas that I want take to correct the wrong things of Brazil ".

Ciro Gomes pointed out that " the country can not let a president get elected in the logic of 'let me kick' and get there and be disappointed once again, and leave the National Congress put a halter on the president. We need to interrupt that and we will only do this if we have a mature relationship with society ".

According to the sense given by the former minister in his speech, the logic of 'let me kick' refers to a self-assumed posture by the rulers that they already have the knowledge and solutions ready for themselves, that is, without having debated widely with the population. It is precisely this lack of direct dialogue with the people that Ciro Gomes to cease.

In talking about his opinion on what the pension reform should be, Ciro again touched on the issue of the relationship with the people in this debate: I'm trying to see if we understand the subject so that the population can help us get the discussion going. [...] We are receiving criticism, suggestions and we are in no hurry, to let all opinions come. I'm going to write down all of them, I'm working with dozens of experts, so we can come up with a formula where we can debate what needs to be done, and take the fears out of the transition. Because the big question is this, instead of people discussing what needs to be done and then discussing [how will it be] the transition, we are already giving up what needs to be done and pulling it around here, which only perpetuates the injustice ".

Nevertheless, the pre-candidate did not fail to mention his opinion to the foresight according to their discussions, which combines three forms of calculation: part of the value would come from a basic citizenship income (close to the minimum wage as a task of the National Treasury), another part of a distribution system (such as exists today ) and a third part of a public individual capitalization regime and worker control.

The former minister stresses that, in the case of all rulers who take power, it is necessary to " to propose, run the risk of being criticized. Because when you are elected, you and your ideas are elected ".

Another moment in which the relationship between pre-candidate and society was discussed by Ciro Gomes occurred after question asked by the interviewer Rafael Colombo. "When you meet with the business or the productive world, you are charged or not because you say that you will take Embraer back if it is sold to Boeing, you will expropriate oil fields and pay back the damages, you will revert an eventual sale of Eletrobrás? Is it transparency in the game or is it a petty behavior to a certain group of investors? "Asked the journalist.

" It is transparency in the game and behavior completely averse to a certain type of investment. Because no country in the civilized world gives its water regime abroad, no country in the world, having the oil Brazil has, ceases to administer it in favor of its national strategic objective, because it does not make sense ". Ciro's response at this point touches on the issue of national sovereignty, that is, the country's ability to act without interference or too much external dependence, which has been directly threatened by measures such as those involving natural resources and energy present in the Brazilian territory.

" I am trying to warn the foreign investor that one of the pre-candidates thinks this way, transparently and clearly, so that tomorrow he will not come to claim that he was deceived by the Brazilian society. I am a serious person, I have never deceived anyone. [To the investors of this type] Do not come to buy because, if I am president, everything will be returned to the possession and property of the Brazilian people with the correct and correct indemnifications ", Added the pre-candidate labor to the presidency of the Republic.

The former minister has differentiated Brazilian sectors and characterized the responsibility of each one in the current crisis situation of the country. For Ciro, it is necessary to encourage the national productive sectors and investors, the country that produces with the country that works "As he put it, and regulate abuses committed by the financial market, a sector that houses this group of nonproductive or speculative" investors "at the expense of the country.

This year, there is a risk that issues that are essential to overcome the Brazilian crisis will not be addressed, but the former governor of Ceará has struggled in his agenda of events to discuss what could be a new National Development Project with the population.

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