Ciro Gomes at the Freedom Forum: Demarcating Progressive Territory!

On the 04 day of April of 1989 the Second Freedom Forum was held. In the front line of the speakers were five presidential candidates: Ronaldo Caiado (PDC), Mario Covas (PSDB), Roberto Freire (PCB), Lula (PT) and Leonel Brizola (PDT). A balanced and important debate for the national construction. Candidates with different ideological political conceptions, at a time where Brazil was not yet bi-polarized. Brizola himself has also participated twice, as well as other figures from the PT, PSB and PPS. This year, who will represent us will be just one: Ciro Gomes.

Despite the Freedom Forum, sponsored by the important Institute of Business Studies, it has historically had most of its speakers and guests come from liberal thinking - such as Gustavo Franco, Arnaldo Fraga, Olavo de Carvalho, Eduardo Gianetti, Paulo Rabello de Castro, Roberto Campos, Henrique Meirelles - in some of their editions were also invited speakers alternative to liberalism.

Before criticizing the participation of Ciro Gomes in the Freedom Forum, it is worth mentioning that the Forum is a forum for democratic debate, and that the denial of participation in these debates can not be part of us, which we say courageous and prepared to debate Brazil . Ciro Gomes also participated in the Freedom Forum in April of 2000. He led an important debate with Tom Palmer, and managed to demarcate an important territory in the defense of the Brazilian state.

Today from the 19:30 Ciro Gomes (PDT) will debate with Amôedo (NEW), Marina Silva (REDE), Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB), Flavio Rocha (PRB) and possibly Jair Bolsonaro (PSL).


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