Ciro Gomes presents National Development Project and is applauded standing up at the Freedom Forum

Let's face it, it's not trivial. sticking to the bubble of political debate . Even more in Brazil today. The environments seem to be increasingly hostile and provocative with any kind of difference. The risks are so great that it is not anyone who accepts to expose themselves to the different ones. It seems to be more comfortable if it is restricted to closed groups, whereas the social gulf only deepens in the Brazil . But that's not what we need. Our people need to look at their history and their main problems with the lenses of truth, and with the spirit of communion that has always been present in our nation.

Thats how Ciro Gomes got on the stage of Freedom Forum in the Meeting of Presidents of 2018. It was the second participation of Ciro Gomes in the Forum, an event known for its liberal-conservative bias. And for the second time, Ciro raised loud applause from the audience.

Recognizing their differences with the average audience of the Forum, Ciro thanked the invitation, greeted the national and gaucho entrepreneurship and already started playing with the other presidential present, saying that with the affection that each one has for " it will not be easy to beat them in the elections of 2018 ", Already ripping the first laughs of the night from the audience.

Cyrus followed his speech by proposing that we all stop to think, instead of getting together to hear only what we like. According to him, if we continue to participate in events to hear what we want to hear, " this will not be enough to unravel the serious social, economic, political and institutional moment that our homeland is living ", Being strongly applauded in the first minute of his speech.

According to the presidential, " or Brazil meets with different looks, different ideas, different ideological angles, in a broad, generous and fraternal debate, or I [Ciro Gomes] fear much for the fate of our nation for the coming times ".

In supporting his speech with some numbers, Ciro Gomes stated that, for labor, the private initiative has already shown its indispensable value for the promotion of human progress. It nevertheless stated its conviction that, alone , private initiative does not have the capacity to promote development .

According to Cyrus, things are wrong and it is an illusion to think that we can find fault in Chico, Maria, or Pedro. " Over the past 12 months we have witnessed more than 64 thousand homicides, almost all of whom are young, black and poor in the peripheries and only 2% of them are investigated, proving even the importance of the democratic rule of law ". To give practical examples, Ciro stated that in just over three years Rio Grande do Sul lost almost half of its police force.

The former governor also pointed out that the month of January of 2018 in Brazil showed that, for the first time, the economically active population in the informality is greater than the population in formality . And asked: " What social security system with the distribution logic will work like this? What tax system will work like this? How are we going to gain productivity like this? "As he pointed out, there are up to 60 million the number of Brazilians who have a dirty name, and feel guilty about it. " But they are not [guilty], this is the fault of our wrong structural framework, especially in mismanagement of monetary policy ".

Brazil is wrong, said Ciro. " In 1980 we had an industrial product equivalent to 30% of GDP. Today the manufacturing industry in Brazil is reduced to 2% of GDP. And China surpassed 6,5 times Brazilian industrial production ". According to the former minister, looking at the example of 1980 can make us leave aside the false debate who wants to divide us between coxinhas and bologadelas. " As if our wonderful and complex country fit into this minuteness "Said Ciro.

The low level of gross capital production in Brazil was also pointed out by Ciro Gomes as one of the factors responsible for cyclical crises and by the low growth of Brazil. In addition, he said that we have to be cautious and cautious, since virtue is always on the middle path, giving examples of the end of the Soviet Union and the Wall Street crisis on 2008 for yet another question.

Ciro questioned: " What was the nation of the world that ascended to civilizational platforms of success without a mixed convergence between an empowered state and a convergent business sector with the hegemonized strategy? ". After presenting China as an example of a successful industrial rise in the world, Ciro stated that he does not want to transplant Chinese institutions, or simply to show the paradigm of political economy that works. " What tool used to take the US out of the crisis of 2008, exemplifying the case of nationalization of the insurance industry in the US? ", He asked.

Finally, the former governor of Ceará criticized the low investment in education in Brazil, giving the example of the low level of enrollment of young people from 18 to 25 years in Brazil. It ironized the PEC of the Ceiling of Expenses in Brazil stating that 51,7% of the budget executed in 2017 were interest-bearing debt rollover and said: here is where more than half of the Brazilian state is going. Ciro stated that he is not afraid of reform, on the contrary. He said he is audaciously drawing a practical set of reforms. But in the presence of former farm minister Temer (who was also present in the audience), he emphasized that " the reform that was called social security is not a reform, it's a little ".

Ciro concluded by saying that we must face three tasks: family indebtedness and of companies , a national tax issue , it's the development of an industrial complex . Although interrupted by the bells, Ciro Gomes was cheered and applauded by the audience after his 15 minutes of speech. He stated that " if Brazil celebrates a great dialogue, turn that game around ".

Going to the questions, Ciro was first asked about the scandals of corruption in Brazil, and on a way to find guilty or to do a direct combat, since Ciro had affirmed that the fault would not be of Chico, Maria or Pedro. Ciro stated that, firstly, for "guilt" in the criminal or criminal sense we have to have clear facts, demonstrated and ample defenses assured. And in these specific and proven cases, the guilty must pay. Ciro said, for example, that the video presented by the organizers of the Forum was a certain fraud History.

To argue about this, he brought practical examples of his political experience by making comparisons and citing similarities between the data of the end of the FHC government and the fall of the Dilma government, for the devaluations of the real and the interest rate policies of the Central Bank in those same periods are similar. Ciro stated that, or we understand that the devaluation of exchange is directly related to the consumption needs of the population, or we will have an indignant population with the governments that come forward.

The last topic of participation was about privatizations. Ciro said that privatization is a tool and a national project will clearly define it all, with specific limits and functions. He said, for example, that their industrial complexes deficit trade in Brazil and this would bring us more stability in the exchange rate. He stated, however, that the Petroleum and Gas must be state. To exemplify, he mentioned that the Carcará Field, from the Pre-Salt, which after receiving large research resources from Petrobras, was bought by Stat Oil, a state-owned company from Norway. He also said that the barrel of oil was sold to Stat Oil for a " less than the price of a can of Coke ".

" Brazil, open the eye! ", he said. Ciro Gomes ended his participation by criticizing the ban on spending expansion in education in Brazil, given the low levels of enrollment currently observed in the country.


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