Ciro criticizes cross-ownership and funds for "technical media"

Recently, Ciro Gomes' speech about what his proposal for media regulation in Brazil was. At the talkshow promoted by Folha de S. Paulo, Ciro answered the journalist Monica Bergamo with a joke that often repeats, that the best media regulation is the remote control.

The phrase, which was followed by some thoughts of the former minister on the issue, was cut to become joking headlines by the press across the ideological spectrum. Such a delicate and complex subject, especially in the face of the hyper-concentrated Brazilian press, known as the "big media", needs to be understood more broadly.

In the same interview, Ciro follows with his reflection and offers some contributions: the first one of which would not be paper of the federal executive make any proposal in that sense, since the press is, in essence, the democratic pillar of the possibility of criticism of governments and it is fundamental that this should be maintained.

However, as a citizen concerned about the small plurality of the national media, Ciro understands that this problem could be mitigated by two measures, cited by him following the speech of the " Remote Control ": a prohibition of cross-ownership of means (for example, prohibiting television networks from also having print newspapers) and prohibiting national networks from displaying the same schedule 24 hours throughout the national territory in order to encourage TV channels to broadcast regional content (ie, not necessarily related only to the Rio-São Paulo axis, as it is today).

Another important criticism that Ciro makes is government advertising system . Institutionalized at the end of 2009, the so-called "technical media" established that the allocation of this money would follow the "reach and audience" criterion, ie the vehicles with the largest audience receive the most. This criterion deepens the concentration of media. According to Folha de S. Paulo, on 13 September 2012, only 10 vehicles, out of more than 3000 on the list, received 70% of all advertising dollars from the Dilma government until that date . For Ciro Gomes, this issue should be reviewed, adopting other criteria that value local initiatives of cultural production and small cooperatives of journalists.

The problem is more complicated than using the remote control, as Cyrus well knows and always demonstrates. But between leaving it alone for "remote control" or instituting a questionable funding criterion, such as "technical media" (which has only aggravated the problem of the lack of democratization of the press), the remote control alternative seems more effective and cheapest.

Therefore, Ciro emphasized the phrase about "remote control" as he thinks that the specific performance of the federal executive can participate in the regulation of the media, which does not exclude that legislative proposals In this case, Ciro himself commented on proposals that he personally considers relevant and necessary.

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