Ciro Gomes invites Nelson Marconi to coordinate government program

Economist Nelson Marconi was one of the participants of the event Brasília with Ciro Gome s , which took place this Wednesday (07 / 03) at the Teatro dos Bancários.

The event brought together independent groups to support the new National Development Project discussed by Ciro Gomes, and was attended by the former minister and former governor of Ceará, who spoke about the importance of mobilize the population for the discussion of this project and answered a number of inquiries from web and by those present.

When going to Marconi , Ciro Gomes mentioned the importance of the role that the economist professor of FGV-EESP has played and invited him Live to coordinate its government program, which has been debated at the current time of the pre-nomination.

"He is coordinating an absolutely sophisticated intelligence team from all over Brazil, he has done this almost every time in his own home and he is the coordinator of the government program that we are going to bring to the debate with the population - he is actually aware of this now, I'm inviting him now. I hope he agrees to coordinate the government program because he is absolutely brilliant and has one thing the brilliant ones very rarely have: it is the ability to respect different opinions, mobilize and bring them together and this is a very important feature. Thank you so much, Nelson! "

Nelson Marconi also participates in the Brazilian Keynesian Association and has been an important figure in the debates on national development.

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