Ciro Gomes: "What solves corruption is an example and institutional innovation"

Ciro Gomes - former minister, former governor and pre-candidate for the presidency - recently attended the University of Montpellier (France, 26 / 03), in means to other events of which he participated in Europe. After his speech, a participant in the audience questioned him about a recurring subject among the questions of this type of event: " if there is a word, a problem, which is associated not only with Brazil but with several countries in Latin America, including my [Argentina], is the corruption of the political class [...] How to solve the problem? "

In his reply, Ciro stated: Corruption is a scourge, less for what it is said to be, and more for the cancer it represents in destroying the bond of trust between popular structure and [political] representation. Therefore, it is a cancer that threatens the very fabric of democracy ".

A central idea was defended by Ciro Gomes in his speech: " What solves corruption is example , which comes from above, and permanent institutional innovation . But you want to go to the limit? As long as mankind legitimizes arms industry, while humanity legitimizes tax haven, forget any possibility of real success in fighting corruption ".

Following his reasoning and talking about the arms industry , Ciro mentioned the example of the large volume of armaments arriving in Brazil annually, such as the AR15 machine guns used by organized crime, but manufactured in the USA, and questioned how it would be possible to think that security agencies, such as the American NSA, unknown the fate of these weapons produced there and that enter the Brazilian borders. For Cyrus, cases like this exemplify that corruption and violence do not cease because there are very strong interests associated with maintaining them.

The pre-candidate also cited examples of well-known Brazilian politicians who lodged their money in foreign tax heavens . Ciro's mention of the relation between this and corruption is justified, because, although it is not strictly considered illegal practice, a Brazilian politician to lodge money in foreign accounts may indicate a strategy to conceal assets and, at very high amounts, causes the population to imagine that this can be money generated by corruption.

Ciro also recalled that rankings and international studies show that Brazil does not occupy the worst positions in terms of the volume of money diverted by corruption, which indicates that there is no Brazilian singularity in relation to this, despite what it tries to say media . In the words of Cyrus himself, " the shocking thing about it is how it [the corruption] got in the way, and the chronicle of impunity ".

Still on the question of the Brazil being or no longer marked by corruption than other countries, Ciro recalled the very case of former French President Nicholas Sarkozy, who has been investigated for irregularities in funding his campaign on 2007: " I would not say, because I'm here and I want to be delicate, which has happened to President Sarkozy, which I hope will be cleared. But in old France it seems that the president is also involved in things that need to be explained. Therefore, do not think that our countries are worse than others, not ".

The first political term assumed by Ciro Gomes began in the year of 1983 (when he became a state deputy elected by the state of Ceará), and in these more than three decades of public life he has never been the target of any investigation for corruption. Many have seen this fact, often remembered by Cyrus as " nothing more than an obligation "As something that stands out as political leadership in the current Brazilian times and for the disputes that will take place this year.

** The full event at the University of Montpellier with the participation of Ciro Gomes can be seen by clicking   on here .

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