The press can not escape difficult issues

In the editorial The this week (15 / 05), Candidate can not run away from difficult questions , the newspaper warned of the very short period of the election period from 45 to 35 days and the needs of pre-candidates to get ahead in the positioning of the more complex issues. The editorial highlights the very important issue of Pension Reform among the topics on which the main pre-candidates would not have been clearly positioned when questioned by The globe .

Ciro Gomes, who does not usually shy away from any kind of question, has already answered in several interviews on the issue of social security. For Cyrus, the reform attempted by government Michel Temer is unjust and savage. In addition to not changing the privileges in any way (since only 2% of the beneficiaries take about 30% of the pension budget), it weighs with 49 years of contribution to obtain the integral benefit, disregarding the regional specificities , gender and occupation. And on the other hand, the measures do not represent any kind of change in the pattern of social security financing, that of distribution, which in the medium term, even with all the perversities approved, makes it unsustainable.

Ciro Gomes was clear in answering questions d ' The globe , to which the State refers. The former minister said: "Brazil needs to revise its social security model, since the current one, of distribution, is obsolete. It is fundamental, however, that the reform that one wants to take takes into consideration the opinion of all the actors involved: workers, entrepreneurs, government and academia. O template that I have put for discussion   - with hundreds of teachers, technicians and workers who are helping me to debate the subject - is that of public capitalization. This model, even, is what is being used and studied all over the world. The rules of the new regime are under study and should be presented for discussion with the entire population. "

Ciro thus presents a proposal for reform as clear as possible in considering that a leadership and an elected government should dialogue with all the actors involved . In addition to wanting to demand a unilateral and undemocratic proposal, the The fails to formulate difficult questions when it states that "social security expenditures are the largest item in the budget", while forgetting that the item most onerous to the public budget is in fact more than 50% of the total of the budget for the payment of interest and debts to banks - this would be an important expense to be considered and thoroughly questioned by the press.

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