Ciro Gomes and the plant of intrigue

Today's headline by Folha de S. Paulo journalist, Mônica Bergamo, on Ciro Gomes implies that the title would be a literal quotation from the former minister on his relationship with the PT. However, in the column content (exclusive to subscribers) it is clear that this is an analysis of the journalist .

Although the possibility of naivety, which the journalist might have thought readers would have access to the content (still considering their restricted access), the fact is that the impact produced by headlines is infinitely bigger and that lately, there has been an intense "plant of intrigue", words of Ciro Gomes, among the progressive sectors.

Ciro Gomes and other political leaders, such as Fernando Haddad, Jacques Wagner and Guilherme Boulos, realized the tactic and are no longer willing to act to fuel such intrigues. This may make it increasingly frequent to use cases such as those used today by Mônica Bergamo, who in practice have forged a news from a opinion . In the continuity of the plant of intrigue, lies that unfold as if they were truths: InfoMoney put quotation marks in the journalist's statement, also in order to appear to be of Ciro Gomes that speaks. It is up to us at these times to remain vigilant against the fake news , whether the news is actually invented, or something like this.


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