After all, what does the expression "armadillo do not climb on a stump" mean?

Owner of a way of speaking very marked by regionalisms and popular expressions, Ciro Gomes makes use of some sentences that happened to be instantly associated with him. The militancy of social networks amuses itself with several of these expressions, such as "gas bottle of age", "middle aged cat", "gives a million?", "Calm down, Dona Maria" and the intonation in the pronunciation of interes . The broad repertoire gave rise to a vocabulary of easy identification for the avid participants and spectators of lectures of Ciro Gomes via YouTube.

Among his most famous phrases is one that says "if you see an armadillo on the stump, it is because someone else has put it", concluded with "because armadillo does not climb on stump". After a quick reflection, followed by a chuckle, it is easy to understand why armadillo does not rise on stump , after all the small carapace mammal very common in the interior of Brazil has short legs and is not a jumper, therefore, would not be able to climb alone on a stump.

But, the cat leap to understand this metaphor is in Ciro's political sense of it: that it is necessary to understand the country's problems and their relations of power within a game that is not given to chance or by mere political incompetence, they serve interests (not always clear or legitimate), but which have serious consequences. One must be able to identify these armadillos and the interests that put them in that position so that they can be taken from where they are.

The confusion between what is natural or fatality and what is the result of political choices only serves to maintain minority and powerful interests that are hidden from public debate. In many cases, for example, when Cyrus states that half of the annual public budget (ie of all the wealth produced by the country) goes to the payment of interest and debt repayment, it is not possible to count on sectors of the press to bring this discussion to the population.

The presence of a political leadership which challenges and proposes to explain the causes and consequences of political choices, using a simple vocabulary without being simplistic, through the great diffusion provided by the Internet, allows us to guide the debate with the questions that interest the country and bet on other directions for the Brazil. Giving names to the armadillos and, especially, understanding who it is to be where they are.

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