Ciro Gomes: State should be the "size" of the social pact that we build in the country

To get to know the thinking of Ciro Gomes, it is necessary to resort to the public statements (hundreds of hours) that the former governor has done throughout the country, especially since 2016. Ciro has debated a new National Development Project economists and thinkers, and important ( Nelson Marconi , Mangabeira Unger, Mauro Benevides Filho), overturns the gross oppositions that hinder the real understanding of Brazil. An example of this is their understanding of the role of state and, on this subject, it is worth seeing what the former minister told university students at an event held in 2016, in Santa Catarina. From a student of the audience participating in the event, Ciro Gomes heard that the role of politicians was unfortunately to create taxes, to which he replied:

" The role of politicians is to produce a state that corresponds to the pact that society expects from it. This minimal state chat is talk of the baron who is full of bucho, winning in speculation. The country I know has 14 million homeless people. We are all here in this auditorium covered by the air conditioning, people are probably going to die on the streets of São Paulo, Florianópolis, Curitiba, Guarapuava and Cascavel, I feel like a killer if I'm not a person who remembers them on that cold night . "

In his response to the event, Ciro Gomes followed the housing issue as an example. For him, the Brazilian state is responsible for this, since 14 million houses represent a small investment. " The country has to do these accounts: how much is a program with a reasonable time to overcome the housing deficit for the poorest whose characteristic is to have income less than three minimum wages? "He asked to point out that without subsidies and therefore without the state as responsible, this population would be doomed to not have access to housing, unfortunately what has been a current symptom of Brazilian citizenship.

Regarding the public health The as another axis that exemplifies the role of the State agreed with the people, Ciro asked: What is the minimum public health that we have to ensure from the point of view of prevention and coping with epidemics? I do not admit with the riches of Brazil that I know with 700 thousand cases of malaria in the Amazon a year, 600 thousand cases of dengue in Brazil a year and zyka and chikungunya creating children with microcephaly ". According to him, as a society, we have to think that our children can be born this way because the Brazilian State has been powerless to decimate a mosquito that has not been mentioned in medium-American countries like Mexico and other intermediate economies.

Ciro also recalled that Brazil has closed hospital beds and is now less than 30 years old. " There is a genocide against the poor of the country and you have to have someone to reverse it. ", he said. Another issue addressed concerns public debt: it is necessary to structure ways to deal with it, so that it does not become priceless or insolvent and so that Brazil does not continue to spend most of its entire budget on the country's wealth only with such expenses. " This bomb needs to be disarmed. "Of course, without irresponsibility, recalled the former minister.

At a time when the national political debate is being taken by polarization questions of political persecution, unfortunately the professionalized journalism he forgets to make headlines and reports about what Ciro Gomes and some other important leaders propose as a way to the country and instead favor stories and headlines that sensationalize Ciro's opinions about other politicians and his formulaic expressions of language related to his culture and customs. Until when will the headlines of the media and journalism see themselves as "deconstructed" in customs, but produce no news to inform the people about the country project that has been debated by Ciro Gomes?

The whole of this and other events with Ciro can be seen on youtube channels that make this disclosure. Go to:


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