Ciro Gomes addresses labor unions on the eve of 1 May Day Labor Day

This Friday, 27 of April, on the eve of the commemoration of the 1 May Day, Labor Day, Ciro Gomes addressed important unions in São Paulo. In the morning, Ciro presented himself at a seminar organized by UGT, the General Union of Workers.

In the afternoon, the PDT presidential candidate was in the Workers 'Palace, home of the São Paulo Metalworkers' Union and Força Sindical, accompanied by the national president of his party, Carlos Lupi.

Ciro presented his diagnosis about the Brazilian crisis, describing the deindustrialization and the low economic growth that neoliberalism has been causing for decades in Brazil. Then, Ciro Gomes pointed out alternatives and proposals to get out of this situation, systematizing for those present his National Development Project.

The labor pre-candidate talked extensively about the attacks workers have suffered and explained that economic development generates an increase in national income and the distribution of productivity gains to workers.

Contrary to neoliberal ideologues, Ciro Gomes has shown that economic competitiveness comes not from lower wages, but from industrialization and increased productivity, as Germany has done in Europe and China in Asia. The auditorium was crowded with workers who applauded with enthusiasm.

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