Ciro Gomes lunches with the vice president of PSB in Pernambuco

On the last day 23, Ciro Gomes was in Recife to have lunch with the vice president of the PSB , the governor of Pernambuco, Paulo Câmara. In addition to assessing the national political landscape, the two dealt with the possible alliance between the PDT and the PSB for the elections of 2018.

For more than a year, the talks between the two parties have remained firm, not only in the Pernambuco PSB in the country. Last May, a video of the governor of Paraíba, Ricardo Coutinho, also PSB , speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the São Francisco River Transposition. Before Michel Temer on the stage, Coutinho made a point of recognizing the role of Ciro Gomes in the execution of the work that brought water to the northeastern semi-arid region.

Ciro's wanderings have not only been made in the Northeast, where the PDT itself has great strength, especially in Ceará - it is the largest party in the state with 51 prefectures, including the capital. Taking advantage of its good traffic in PSB , party in which he was from 2003 to 2013, being pre-candidate for the presidency in 2010, Ciro Gomes has been in contact with leaders from other regions, such as Minas Gerais.

Its relation with PSB miner is narrowed by the pre-candidacy of Márcio Lacerda to the state government. Lacerda was executive secretary of the Ministry of National Integration in the Ciro Gomes and launched by him in politics in the dispute of the City Hall of Belo Horizonte, in 2008. Márcio Lacerda was mayor of the state capital between 2009 and 2016 and is a great enthusiast of the candidacy of Ciro to the Plateau.

In the Federal District, negotiations with the governor of the Federal District PSB , Rodrigo Rollemberg and, in São Paulo, where the PSB has the deputy governor, the internal dispute in the party gained new possibilities with the entry of former Minister Aldo Rebelo. Coming from PCdoB, where he has been a militant for 40 years, Aldo has held several positions, such as the president of the Chamber of Deputies and some ministries, which gives him ample transit in the political world. Always a defender of national causes, he had an important move through the Ministry of Defense, highlighting the need for investment in defense to maintain the country's sovereignty.

Earlier this month, Aldo Rebelo launched his pre-presidential candidacy, addressing a letter to the president of the PSB , Carlos Siqueira. In the open letter, it outlines the current political situation and proposes a nationalist platform for ending the crisis, very much in tune with the proposals that have been presented by Ciro Gomes for a future government program, which has raised speculation about the possibility of composing a Ciro-Aldo plaque for the elections.

In a recent interview with the Time page Ciro Gomes , PDT national president Carlos Lupi, asked about the possibility of the plaque, stated that "the PDT- PSB does not need explanation. Everything in life that needs no explanation is good and convinces. […] We are trying. We're working. This issue of Aldo is an excellent name, it is a picture of the best qualification, but it will not depend on us. This depends on the conversations with the PSB . Really if it was the name of the PSB it is excellent! Now, it is not up to us to decide on the name of another party either. So all of this, we work, want, want, but it does not depend on us alone. "

If successful, this alliance of the PDT with PSB would come to fulfill an old longing for the acronyms led by Leonel Brizola and Miguel Arraes. Two men who had not only a similar history of life, being governors of their states and exiles during the dictatorship, but also always had in the national question the fundamental cause of their political lives. National Issue , in fact, is the title of a book written by Arraes in 1973, in his exile in Algeria, whose lines remain very current and show that this union of Brazilian nationalism should have occurred many decades ago.

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