Ciro Gomes in Piracicaba

In 2017, the city of Piracicaba received Ciro Gomes who gave a speech at the Unimep Theater - Piracicaba Methodist University. The event brought together more than 1500 people and more than 200 people were left out because the theater's audience capacity has been exhausted. The Academic Center of Law XV of August and the website Jornalístico Portal Contexto were the organizers of the event.

To the Context Portal, Ciro Gomes gave an exclusive interview with very current topics, such as the size of the Brazilian State and countries that can serve as a model for our country as a reference for developmental and sustainable policies. These and other key issues for a reconstruction project in our country were addressed by the site and will be available together with the full interview at the debut of the Context Portal that will be in the next few days.

The Context Portal is extremely honored by the opportunity of the interview that Ciro Gomes has given us and we will continue to believe that the resumption of our growth and our national pride necessarily passes through debates of ideas and not through exacerbation of passions and the role of the while giving voice to people like Ciro Gomes, who is running around the country exposing ideas and debating alternatives.

The Context website, with the full interview will be released soon! Thank you very much the platform TodoComCiro for the opportunity to publicize our work.

By Carolina Angelelli

Check out an excerpt from the interview:

Ciro Gomes comments on the futility of a simplistic debate about the 'size of the State', with the main question being its efficiency and its strategic objectives, especially against the proposal of a national development project.


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